Monday, February 21, 2011

:: A Happy Weekend ::

rabu ni ada CNY dress up day @ the twin's school. parents are encouraged to attend. huwaa. i so want to go, tapi itu hari ada meeting! hoping and crossing my fingers that the meeting will be cancelled. first event diorang tuh! (mak twin yang kedekut berbelanja dengan berhemah dah beli baju CNY kat giant kelana jaya@ RM15 only. thanx to aju!)

last weekend, seperti biasa, spent time with kids. went out to MV on saturday dan telah berjaya memujuk OH untuk makan² di Chili's. weewo! sudah lama gila tak makan kat chili's. kids enjoyed it so much. alhamdulillah.

lepas lunching dekat chili's. head to JJ pulak nak cari gift utk nephew officemate. officemate hosted a birthday party that evening untuk her first nephew.(untungnya dapat mak sedara cenggini!) birthday tepi swimming pool, food were delicious & it was such a windy day that evening that the cupcakes toppled! but all in all, happy sebab mommy tak payah masak! eheheheh.

since dah berhuha on saturday, maka seharusnya ahad berada di rumah & settlekan housework yang menimbun. started the day with making breakfast, aidin's one week porridge supply (phew!) & marinated the fish that i intend to grill for dinner. SIL organized a birthday party for my nephew who turns 1 that noon, sekali lagi, mommy yang malas kepenatan terselamat daripada memasak. ngee!

bila tgk nephew turns 1, teringat la anak sendiri pun akan turn 1 in 5++ weeks time. rasa cam terlebih excited pulak nak plan macam² for aidin's first birthday bash. dok fikir apa la kek yang nak dibuat. nak gambar apa. rasa cam nak buat sesame street theme, with elmo as centerpiece, sekali bila tanya si abang aka afiq, he said, "GROVER!" menarik gak tu. nanti la mommy pikir.

okay la people. i had a wonderful weekend this week. though tiring, but i'm happy i got the chance to spend time with kids. being a working mom, with three kids and no helper, it left me with too little time to spare with the kids at home. hence, that's the reason why, i hate it soooo much when i'm instructed to work during weekends. it's not that i'm being 'tidak profesional' in working, but i believe 5 days for work, is good enough. kids need me too after lending me to the working institution 5 days a week.



mama glam said...

boleh imagine keletihan k aishah. aweng yang membaca ni pun dah cukop letih.. tapi, ye lah, Tuhan tahu akak mesti boleh buat punya... mother kan superwoman!

Nurul Ulfa said...

sound fammiliar...we are in the same situation and share the same thought work 5 days a week for me is sufficient it is not that we are not productive but in life we have to set our priority..apa pun make sure we deliver our work on time and "perfectly"..because beside carrying the image of a wife and a mother we are also a muslimah...islamic teaching we have to do the amanah/obligation that is given to us ;)

my sons same age as yours and i am pregnant..i used to have a maid but after my second son age two..i am maidless..considering to take a new maid tapi...ya ampun susahnya nak dapat maid + mahalnya..sebenarnya i lagi suka my life takde maid feel contented although at the end of the day penat sgt ;)

tapi since early this month i ambil tukang cuci rumah datang seminggu 2 kali..lega sikit..hehe in kerteh ramai org kampung offer to do this job..helping them at the same time they helping me.. ;)

toshkin said...

:) aishah,,, post ar gamba bebudak tu kat fb, nnt tag ek (kalu tak tag aku tak ter-login, aku mmg lagging sket fb ni)

ni pun tgh pikir apo nak buek bday bebudak ni 3thn