Sunday, February 6, 2011

:: afiq and adib : growing up ::

:: dinner story ::

sometimes, (well, most of the time!) the boys will give me hard time when it comes to meal. they simply refuse to eat, sampai kena marah gila2 baru la nak bukak mulut and makan. itu pun kena dok remind, "gigit", "telan!" at the highest pitch of my voice.

just now, OH was taking his own sweet time, to finish his dinner. afiq pun, konon2 marah daddy suruh makan, and OH plays in.

after dinner, OH had his dessert. i made some trifle as requested.

suddenly, afiq said from OH's back...

"ooooo.. makan jelly pandai telan!"

and the way he said it sebijik macamana OH cakap when afiq is enjoying his dessert.


:: pinching story ::

the twin can get very cheeky and 'challenging' at time, especially in the car, that i simply lost my sabar and cubit both boys.

afiq and adib terus dok cakap2 at the back seat on the cubit and punishment matter, that suddenly afiq said, "nasib baik tak patah tangan"

kejamnya mommy kalau sampai patah tangan!

:: labelling story ::

kat rumah i, i normally labelled out the containers with our names sebab i'm a heavy user of container.

adib took a container filled with raisins, and told OH, "daddy, tengok nih. dah tulis nama"

OH pun tanya, "nama sapa?"

adib innocently jawab,"pi-mish" (kismis)


:: the whistle blower story ::

i came home from office and was greeted by my two elder sons.

adib told me, "mommy, kawan afiq girl!"

haha. kantoi di situ.

:: boys will be boys ::

i noticed afiq has the tendency to 'look' at cute girls, especially those mat salleh and anak arab.

one day, we were walking around jusco when i saw a little girl in hijab that looks so cute. i told my husband, "comelnya!"

and guess what is afiq's reaction?? memandang gadis kecik itu sampai toleh ke belakang.

and it happened again today when we were having a lunch picnic in titiwangsa when 2 mat salleh girls came and sat near us. his eyes were fixed on the kids.

adoi afiq......


toshkin said...

anak aku pon sama daaa... baik ngan girl amboii sampai bagi budak tu hold bantal 'wangi' dia.. kalau kat rumah jgn harap laa..

aishah zaharin said...

adeh aju. ngan pompuan cantik, mulut cakap ngan aku, mata pandang pompuan.