Friday, February 25, 2011

:: Kids & Progress ::

kids enjoyed their very first school event at school last wednesday. the school hosted a CNY dress up day. kids pergi skolah wearing CNY outfit. ada lion dance at school, and they enjoy it. lucky OH for being able to attend when i was stuck in the office management meeting. dang!

alhamdulillah, i've started the kids on muqaddam already. i know i'm far than late compared to my friends like sheri yang very dedicated with her kids. (i envy your patience sheri, seriously, and i adore adam's achievement so much!) but i don't want to stay late forever, that both me and OH gave a start last 2 weeks on muqaddam.

Masya Allah! how kids act like sponge! sangat true! afiq master the alif ba ta in almost a week. adib belum habis lagi. (we have to teach them separately and learn to treat them individually. they're unique human being after all despite being twin). it takes the two of us to teach both of them, sebab they can't sit to each other. tak focus! there are times (many times in fact) that my patience were tested, and my voice hit the highest desibel. but then, when they started to grab and digest the letters, the feeling susah nak describe!

kay la people. weekend dah nak start. makanya hari memasak pun bermula. apa la aku nak masak esok..


WAK said...


hidupkan lah rumah dengan sunnah,insyaAllah perkara2 yg tidak diingini akan terhindar jauh dr menghampiri kita.

respek spa yg bleh ajar muqaddam sendiri...sbb bdk2 skrg lebih suka guna iqra'. (sbb tadika,taski etc pun guna iqra agaknya..)

undomesticwifey said...

awak...nak la tgk gambar pakai baju CNY....mesti comey bangett....