Wednesday, March 9, 2011

:: Cerita EL ::

insya Allah, i'll be attending my cousin's e-day this coming weekend. thinking of bringing some macaroons for the special day, but time didn't permit me to place such order. gamaknya we have to settle on the kuih lompang only. sorry cuz, takde rezeki this time.

anyway, aidin was unwell the other night. high temperature at wee hours. he has got this fever + flu for the past weeks, but he is still one happy chap. yesterday, we brought him to the paed. heavy traffic and such, we finally decided to call the day off from work.

since wer'e off, took the opportunity to settle some immigration matters for the kids. untung bawa kids under two, dapat guna kaunter khas. cepat sket. :D sangat tidak sabar untuk bercuti dengan the kids, tho it's two months away. this will be aidin's first experience on board.

in 3 weeks time, aidin will turn 1. *big grin* dah besar anak mommy yang masih melekap kat mommy macam gam gajah. i have another year to go before weaning him off from breastfeeding. taking 6 months milestone at a time, so far, we're doing great. alhamdulillah! syukur penyusuan anak dipermudahkan tho pernah 'breastfeed aidin secara jarak jauh' for 45 days. cuma sekarang amount of EBM dah reduced. kalau dulu 3x pumping = 12-15ozs, sekarang nih 2x pumping nak dapat 10oz pun payah. normally 6-8oz saje. nasib baik stok EBM banyak, so tak la berapa stress nak make sure EBM cukup.

rasanya, most prolly buat party kecil²an saje, sebabnya, mommy masih belum ada helper to assist me out.

kay la people. da!!

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