Sunday, March 13, 2011

:: A Hectic Weekend ::

dalam kepala terbayang-bayang baju yang diintai last friday lunch. nasib baik akal dan hati boleh synchronize in prioritizing things in life. kalau tak, mau koyak poket yang tak berapa nak dalam & tebal nih. moga Allah murahkan rezeki. amin.

this weekend sangat hectic & pack. since cousin akan bertunang on saturday morning @ kota damansara, i've to schedule my time so that aidin's one week food supply will be ready in time. (i normally cook on saturday morning) after arriving home at about 10 pm-ish, i put on my chef hat and start making aidin's porridges. settle everything at almost 1.30 am. head dah start dizzy, and off i dozed.

:: Saturday ::
started the saturday morning pretty early. only simple breakfast, (roti bakar with butter + kaya and butter + jam) as we have to make our move to pick kuih that we ordered & pushed off to cousin's house before ceremony started. having twins and a baby and no helper, hence, this is a challenge. but alhamdulillah, the kids cope well, that we managed to hit the road at 10 am. reached the soon to be bride's house in time for the engagement ceremony.

the ceremony started sharp on time. in fact 5 minutes ahead of schedule. it went pretty well. lepas engagement ceremony, we rushed to ampang to attend a friend's wedding reception. we managed to reach there just before the reception ended. phew!

after the reception, we made our way to danau kota to get new bikes for the twins and a push car (early birthday gift to lil dindin). kids were excited and they took quite sometime to choose. rabak RM300 di situ for 2 bikes and a push car. (aku rasa zaman aku kecik2 dulu, basikat 'mountain bike' baru RM150! how price escalate!)

:: Sunday ::
afiq dok sibuk ajak tengok dinasour since it's school holiday. so OH decided to bring them to Pusat Sains Negara. kata nak tengok dinasour sangat, tapi bila sampai sana, nangis sebab takut dinasour. it's an interesting place to go with kids. they enjoyed themselves (but i would suggest avoid school holidays sebab it was pretty pack and kids need to take turns to try things out) the dinasours was huge!

we spent almost 2 hours there. kids pun dah lapar. heret the kids to the nearest mall, which is curve for lunch. ended up at marche with kids tak nak makan sebab dah mengantuk or perhaps they're just tired. sampai dah kena marah2 baru nak makan. habis jek lunch terus balik rumah sebab nak kejar waktu zohor. afiq sampai tanya OH, "kita makan saja ke?" haha. tak puas la tuh.

all in all, it's a nice weekend minus some statements that hurt me loads. malas nak ingat pasal tuh. buat sakit hati saje.

kay la peeps. da!


Iryani Noor said...

uihhh busy betul mummy nih =p.. anyway saw ur mom & ur cousin few wks a go @small hse.. hunting for tempat letak cincin kot.. hehe.. m guessing she's the one dat got engage yesterday =p..

psttt: kedai apa yg kt danau kota tu?? ingat nk cari utk sofia gak.. heheh =p

nurhareza said...

sama la kak.. dah berapa banyak kite aim baju, sampai pikir 10x.. lastly tak de gak.. but for hasya, main rembat je, time nak bayo RM188.. ha??? bayo je la, ati dah berkenan kan..
(pssstt.. emi xtau bj anak dia 3 helai rega banyak tu.. kikikiki.. reza cite beli 2-3 helai dia kata banyak, tang harga kalo dia tau, apa la agaknye yg da cakap.. harus minta duit nafkah extra bulan ni.. alasan? errr.. tengah pikir...)