Friday, October 30, 2009

:: latest A&C progress ::

latest A&C progress.

week : 15 weeks 5 days
weight : 55kg(+ 1.5kg within 4 weeks)
gender : boy
prescription : calcatrade, obimin + neurogain
notes :
- was instructed to meet physiotherapist. dr suspected err, i can't remember what she said, but it is related to the pain i've got especially on my right hip and lower abdomen in the course of movement. it is said that it might due to my previous twin pregnancy & c-sect effects. i might be presecribed with pregnancy belt to support my belly and to reduce pain.
- placenta is on the lower side. dr said there's a chance for the placenta to be back to normal position.

by the way, when i went to the clinic last wed, the nurse asked me when i was about to enter the dr's room, "sorang aje?"

i replied, "yep".

sebab keliling aku, rasanya tak de satu orang pun yang datang sorang except me. ada lebih kurang 5-6 patients yang mostly datang with the partner or being accompanied by their mom.



yang penting, aku sihat, anak aku sihat.

as stated in my FB before, kulit kering, poket kering, hati juga kering.. hehe..


Jue Fauzi said...

aishah, dulu i pun gi check sorang-sorang..masa tu kat Texas..keliling suma ada partner.But then I said to my self, I am a capable and independant person, hubby takde no big deal la...(nak kuatkan semangat sendiri).Balik mesia pun sama..hubby banyak keluar sailing so suma buat dan pergi sendiri.Hati sayu sangat bila pergi first time antenatal class sorang-sorang and suma orang tanya mana hubby..again, kuatkan semangat and remind myself again that I can do this on my biggie.
hehehe..sekadar kongsi pengalaman.Take care.

norhanim said...

hi sis,

dah lama tak baca blog u tup tup dah 17 weeks pregnant...congrats!! is this time DIY (do it yourself)??