Thursday, April 8, 2010

:: the delivery journey ::

36 weeks of pregnancy
had my final A&C check up with dr seri suniza @ pcmc. previous check up @ 34 weeks, baby dah head down. so this week nak confirmkan the position and method of delivery. sebabnya i plascenta preavia (PP) type 2. doc said ada harapan nak normal sebab only the tail of the placenta ka bawah.

off we go to pcmc. BP ok, weight gain pun terrrrramat la OK. :) final weight before deliver : 66.4kg, far, far lesser than my previous pregnancies.

sekali check, baby transverse. so, no choice, kena c-sect. doc kata dah dari awal mengandung i can't go beyond 38 weeks due to previous history of still birth. so terus jek la dia suruh decide tarikh mana nak untuk c-sect.

i know it would be nice if i could choose 3/4 as the date. perfect gift for OH 32nd birthday, but then kalau amek 3/4 csect kena buat petang. big NO NO for me. sebabnya nanti lapau gilaaaa! so after much thinking (tak lama pun pikir) terus decide 2/4/2010. coincide dengan hari jumaat. 11.30am.

there it goes... the decision..

April 1st, 2010
dr suruh admit ke hospital. so off we go with the two boys, mom and maids. i tak confident nak bawak the two kids to hospital sebab takut diorang tanak balik, but mom insisted. Alhamdulillah, the kids ok, and balik dengan baiknya. syukur, anak-anak tak mengamuk that night.

by the way, we were upgraded from standard single room to junior suite sebab bilik semua penuh. rezeki anak. had a good sleep that night, waiting for the big day. frankly speaking, i rasa takut gila. i takut i won't make it. i takut my baby won't make it. masa tuh, dok fikir, apa la nasib afiq adib if i won't make it. nauzubillah..

April 2nd, 2010
the day has finally arrived. woke up for subuh prayer. hati makin berdebar and i know i must calm myself down. i recited surah maryam, mohon diberi perlindungan dan keselamatan sepanjang tempoh operation nanti.

at 10.30am roughly, i was wheeled in into OT. OH ikut sama. he'll witness the whole procedure. hati makin tenang. moga dipermudahkan segalanya.

at about 11.00am baru masuk operation theatre. i was asked to sit and bend myself. i'm clear about all these based on previous experience. tapi kali nih, dr terpaksa try banyak kali sebab i ter'jerk' time nak inject. lepas kena spine block, the dr called in my OH and the procedure begin.

masa bersalinkan the twin @ APSH, i rmember kain tirai yang ada depan my face tuh agak tinggi, so my OH couldn't see a thing except the baby. tapi kali nih, kain dia rendah jek, cukup-cukup cover my eyes from viewing and OH got the chance to witness everything. definitely an experience for him. managed to catch the procedure on video, and lepas i tengok video tuh terus cam 'itu yang kau buat kat aku??????'

baby was transverse. keluar punggung dulu, and she find it difficult to get the head out. stuck inside due to abnormal lie. yang i tau (based on the recording) she finally resorted in 'snipping' my perut a bit to get the baby out.

baby masakeluar tak nangis. doc kata dia tgh tido. within five minutes later, dengarla sore anak kecik nangis. syukur alhamdulillah.. syukur.. semua selamat..

based on previous experience, i have no allergies or reactions afteranaesthetic procedure. selalunya cuma shiver saje. but this time round, i naik gatal2. perh, layan okay!

dekat recovery room pun sekejap jek. almost 1pm, i was already in my room. about an hour later, the nursery send in my baby for his first feeding. doc informed me that my baby's glucose level is very, very low and is at risk o hypoglycemic, which kalau tak jaga dari awal may cause seizure and brain damage to the baby.

mommy mana tak risau. i fed him as i should. but the glucose level is still low and they had to to top up with formula to shoot his level up. he was under observation for few days. i continuously breastfeed him on demand, and after three days if i'm not mistaken, his glucose level is stable and is out of needle pricking..

April 5th, 2010
we both are geared up to be discharged. sekali, tak boleh jugak discharged sebab baby jaundice. he was under phototherapy for a day. mula2 he stayed in nursery, but i can't bear being far from him. OH requested the baby to be roomed in together with us to ease breastfeeding. syukur, sbb baby's jaundice was minor and he was allowed to be in with me.

April 6th, 2010
OH dah start keja balik. i understand sebab cuti dia pun tak banyak, and he hs to save up for something bigger later in the year. by noon, doc kasik clearance for discharge. baby's SB level dah turun that grant him to be discharged. yabedabedu!! :D

we waited for the bills, and finally by 5.00pm, OH drove myself, baby and mom back to mom's place. everybody is very happy to see the baby home. :D including the two elder brothers. (though afiq masih jeles!)

all in all, it is a journey for both of us. after the high and low dramas throughout pregnancy period, baby no. 4 is now safe and sound. i'm so happy, i feel so grateful to Allah the AlMighty for the rezeki. Alhamdulillah.

insya Allah, by tonight, OH will finally announce the baby's name, mengambil sunat 7 hari untuk bagi nama.

and i shall blog later on my first night experience with a baby and two toddlers under my care. :)

my thank you note
cheh.. macam artis pulak. :P but anyway, i have to thank my family foremost for being very,very helpful throughout this period. from preparing food to sending in to hospital to looking after my two hyperactive boys to putting my boys to sleep.. i know it's hard and difficult especially when it involves my twin. (they only sleep on time if mommy is around, as they are pretty much attached to me)

not forgetting the docs and staffs @ PCMC. they don't only help me to deliver, but they made it a beautiful experience as compared to others. i highly recommend my friends and dear readers.

last but not least, to my dearest OH. for everything u did, from the deepest of my heart, i thank you. i hope the baby is the best birthday gift ever u have got from me, though this year there's no romantic dinner. :) happy birthday darling.


mama_fatin said...

alhamdullilah semua da selamat..seronok baca kak aishah punya experience, saya pulak rasa x sabar..hahaha..
masa saya operate kat hosp putrajaya dulu, xde pun tirai2 tu..da la atas ada lampu besar, bleh jek kalau nak tgk, tp saya takut, da la husband x bleh masuk..tensen tul...tgk kak aishah relax jek..

anom said...

Aisyah..cograts for yr lil newborn baby boy.. my turn will b nx monday c-sect with BTL..Very nervous though i've exp it 11yrs ago!!You heard so healthy,well done my dear..!!p/s howmany days 4 u to do yr normal toilet routine??

mama glam said...

so scweeetttt....
alhamdulillah semuanya selamat.. take care ya dear.. x sempat lagi nk g tgk baby.. insya Allah, this coming weekend. on sunday maybe?

~ shac ~ said...

sis, sha pown gatal² after c-sect.. tp, yg paling x tahan is the antibiotic. Perit gile rasa.. Masuk 3rd time, mmg dh nangis² mintak pil instead of fluid injected.
Anyway, am so happy with the newborn and am looking forward for the pics.

Anonymous said...

aishah, just read your blog after dah lama tak jenguk (kengkonon nak study for exam so dah lama tak surfing). Congratulations on the baby!!! u didn't go to APSH eh? Btw, such a lovely name! hope you are well into recovery and enjoy the lovely journey together will all the family, so happy for you. take care!