Friday, April 30, 2010

:: issues ::

a month to go before i start working again.

a few issues on my mind, that kind of bugging my life at the moment.

issue no. 1 : maid
i've been relying on maids pretty much. and when i say maids, i'm referring to mine and my mom's. my mom's maid has been helping me out with my kids since day 1 they were out from the hospital. so, pretty much, she has develop a good relationship with my kids especially afiq.

i've been relying on her a lot, especially when it comes to giving medicines when i'm at work, basically because my maid is illiterate. my maid doesn't know how to read, so u can imagine, dia buat susu pun main hafal takat mana air etc.

the problem is now, my mom's maid is going back for good, after working with my mom's family for like 3 years this weekend. we have build a good relationship with her, and she has tune to the way we bring up our kids. not having her around by next week, just makes me feel i'm shorthanded. it's really hard to get good ones like her, and i believe mom feels the same way too.

what i worry most is my elder son, afiq. he is too attach to her, that i'm afraid he will feel lost. what with my condition and aidin who is practically on my boobs almost other hour, i takut there'll be some negative phsychological effect on him. i've seen that kind of situation before with my youngest brother, when our maid went back for good. it's just so heartbreaking looking at a small child crying for somebody who's not around.

i just hope afiq will do fine.

issue no. 2 : weight ;P

setiap kali lepas bersalin, i've this fear of getting on the weight scale. hehe. this time round, i gained 16.1 kg roughly. to date, i've lost 9kg and i got another 7kg to shed before i hit the road to office again.

being someone who practically takde daging langsung during my younger days, it really makes me feel low. i try to stick to low fat diet. breakkie with cereal and low fat milk, lunch & dinner with a small portion of rice with fish/meat and lotsa veggies. in between meal, i snack to avoid hunger spasm, as hunger will only drive you to eat more.

hopefully it'll work. (crossing my fingers) but on a positive note, kurus sangat pun tak elok kan? (ayat sedapkan hati)

first delivery - it was pretty easy to shed off the weight. with two babies, lack of sleep - the 20kgs that i gained just dissapear.

second delivery - i ended up at 55 kgs and took me monthsssss before i arrived at 51kg.

third delivery - hoping for a good result. i just hope all this bf + careful food intake will pay off

okay la peeps. bye

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