Saturday, May 15, 2010

:: 44 hari ::

it has been a busy week for me, that i can't find anytime to write. insya Allah, we'll be hosting kenduri aqiqah and cukur jambul for my lil' aidin upcoming weekend. i'm trying to keep it simple.

aidin is 44 days old today, marking my last day of confinement. weight lost is not too good. tak pe la.. slow-slow.. (nasib baik aku tak suka pakai kebaya!! :) at least that's something that can make me smile!)

anyway, we were (or i was) actually thinking of planning something nice end of may, as we're hitting our 7th year of marriage. malangnyaaaaaaa, baru jek terbayang2 nak gi jenjalan, skali semalam OH kata dia MAYBE kene pegi turkmen. nyampah tul! selalu kena gi on some significant dates, and during long weekends. i guess that's the'slimming package' that he got for me la suppose.. huhu.

on other notes, meh dengar cerita afiq adib.

:: scene 1 ::

location : my room at mom's

it was sleeping time. we've been teaching the kids to recite du'a before sleep, and will then treat them to bedtime story. i won't start telling the story if they don't recite the du'a. with aidin presence, i normally at the same time get aidin to change his diapers before putting him to a good night sleep, with his brothers around him.

afiq : aidin, baca doa dulu. kalau tak bace, apik tak nak cerita.

amboiiii. he really sounds like his mommy!

:: scene 2 ::

location : living room

adib : hello. (while picking up the phone)

and he goes on like this..

pshhh.. pshhh.. pshhh.. (kunun2 cakap omputih!)


lawak la budak berdua nih.. and skang makin payah nak suruh tido. i just simply don't know where does their energy come from! it takes both of us to put them to sleep.

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