Sunday, May 9, 2010

:: between happy and frustrated ::

we had aidin checked last thursday. he is progressing well, though he's not out of jaundice 100%. but his jaundice is not alarming, so nothing to be worried of. aidin has gained a total of 1.16kg, making him a 3.76kg baby now.

afiq and adib is getting more receptive towards lil aidin, much to what i've been hoping for. they're getting more attentive, and their lil hands help mommy a lot with lil aidin. syukur Allah, syukur for this happiness that You give me and family.

on other note, my 'slimming' program hasn't clock in good result, much to my dissapointment, after following a pretty rigid food intake and pantang rituals. i only lost 7kgs, after 36 days. and my current weight is not 57kg, it's 58.8!!ayoooooo!

kay la peeps. only a short update today.

ps 1 - it touches my heart yesterday when afiq said this to me, "cian anak mommy takde nenek." (nenek refers to maid). guess he misses his nanny so much!

ps 2 - aidin was crying, and afiq came and stood beside him, asking lil aidin, "aidin nak apa?" alahai.. very brotherly!

ps 3 - it took me more than half an hour to post this update. dua kali pit stop!

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