Tuesday, May 4, 2010

:: jumbled up entry ::

aidin is having his noon nap, n i'm actually very sleepy. but i just miss my blog that i decided to give my sleep a let go. aidin is practically mommy's koala bear. good night sleep is almost non existence. 2 hours max is pretty good already. and not forgetting my twins still asked for milk in the middle of the night. tapi bak kata my old buddy, aju, who has twin boys and a girl (only a year apart), life without the kids would mean nothing. so true, indeed!

12 days to go before merdeka. i can't wait to see the world! (owh, and that reminds me to renew my driving license.) baru perasan lesen dah mati 2 months ago! hehe. i can't wait to drive around. i can't wait to bring my kids to enjoy the park.

afiq is coping well, despite his favourite nenek (maid) dah takde. he cried his lung out (of course) when we sent her off, and keep on looking for her once in a while. but syukur, there's no sign of demam or what so ever. alhamdulillah.

lama pulak tak cerita pasal the kids vocab kan? this one is pretty catchy. i was having my morning massage with the mak bidan (or akak bidan more likely) when he woke up. he came by and sat beside me. suddenly, dia amek something and hold it up like a microphone, sambil jerit "ALUM COLA". it took me a great one day to discover what he's trying to say, till my phone 'azan' (auto azan bila masuk waktu solat). now i get it. it is the verse of "tunaikanlah solat" rupanya. adoi afiq.. comel beno bunyi!

okay la peeps. my entry is so caca marba. author not in a good mood la. take care yeah!

ps - sekali sekala, teringat pada arwah amin.

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