Wednesday, May 19, 2010

:: sungguh ku tak mahu! ::

OH is away in Miri. syukur for it's only for a day. alhamdulillah, kids behaved well yesterday night. it is the first night ever, i was alone handling all three kids.and knowing the elder two, putting them to sleep sometimes need a little bit of force. they used to be good sleeper, sleeping @ 8.30pm, but nowadays, 10.00pm would be a lucky day for us. perhaps, sebab tido dekat rumah atok & wan dia, makes them a little hyper. and sleeping @ 10, means i have to multitask, breastfeeding aidin, and doa recital as well as story telling @ the same time. (i skipped the story telling yesterday, as i was very unwell)

i have few things that i plan to do before i start working back. but time seems so tight, that i don't know where to squeeze my planned activities. tgk la cemana.

kay la peeps. takde idea sgt nak tulis blog ini hari. hazy mind, mode malas on sebab terkenang in a week time dah nak start keja balik. sungguh ku tak mahuuuuu!

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FaRiHaH^THaLHa said...

sama dengan perasaan sy masa dah nak start kerja lepas pantang.. menghitung hari nak gi kerja...kalau bole nak jadi full time housewife... tp apakan daya... :(