Thursday, May 27, 2010

:: simple update ::

5 hari lagi, and i'll start working again. dan routine biasa selepas pantang and sebelum kerja is to check the wardrobe for baju2 yang masih muat.. selongkar shoe rack check kasut ok lagi ke tidak, and selalunyyyaaa kena beli baru, sebab dah 1 tahun x pakai kasut, surely the kasut will brittle to bits and tersgt la tidak presentable utk ke office.

i haven't hit the weighing scale yet. rasanya dah turun 1 kg, tapi tuh mungkin impian semata-mata. berserah & tawakkal jek. :)

yesterday, OH took leave and we gave a visit to the school that i intended to send my kids to. it was my kindy before, and i am a firm believer that, that kindy has given me a good head start in my schooling years, and i want my children to benefit from that too. so insya Allah, if everything goes according to plan, the kids will hit the school ground early next year, insya Allah.

btw, OH has asked me, whether i wanted to experience the life of an expatriate. ntah a bang oiiiiii. i'm sucha greedy person, that i want all. i don't want to take unpaid leave, but at the same time, i want the kids to be near to their father. cemana???

sampai bila la nak kena dilema cam gini.

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