Wednesday, May 5, 2010

:: it's all about the kids ::

afiq and adib's sleeping pattern has gone haywire lately. before this, they used to doze off at around 8.30 to 9.30pm, but nowadays their awake time has gone up to 12.00 midnight! it's not that we didn't put them to sleep, but it seems that there are too many things that they want to do at atuk and wan's house.

selalunya, bila nak tido, i'll start by switching off the lights, susu and then baca doa. after doa, they'll ask for a bedtime story which always revolved around thomas and friends characters. and they want the same silly story that mommy out of the blue created for them every night.

and yesterday, sleeping time gone up to 12.00 midnight, aidin was not sleeping well, thanks to the phlegm. he was in between sleep and crying till 3.00am roughly. fuh. but amazingly, i didn't had any headache today, and i just simply wonder where does the energy comes from.

on a lighter mode, afiq and adib is getting cheekier day by day. here goes some scenes:-

:: scene 1 ::

place : mommy's room at mak's

adib was about to sleep. snugging comfortably under mommy's duvet while drinking his milk on our bed. adib inherited mommy's way of sleeping - sleeping on side and at the edge of the bed. :P afiq keeps on disturbing adib, that cause adib to burst out.

adib : jangan kacau adib!!!
afiq : kacau sket aje....

afiq continued to kacau till i and OH can't help it but laughed our heart out.

:: scene 2 ::

place : mak's family area

i was having my morning massage with the akak bidan when afiq woke up. it was monday, a day after his favourite nenek (maid) went back for good.

afiq : mommy, afiq tak nak nenek siti (my maid), afiq nak nenek tuti (mak's maid)
me : kan nenek tuti dah balik indon. nanti nenek baru afiq sampai.
afiq : mommy, bola nenek baru afiq nak sampai?
me : nenek baru dah kat station, tapi kapal terbang belum sampai lagi. nanti kalau kapal terbang dah sampai, mommy suruh nenek tuh datang cepat sikit.
afiq : afiq tak nak cepat sikit. afiq nak cepat banyak.
me & akak bidan : (gelak besar)


:: scene 3 ::

place : mak's living room

mommy : adib, mommy nak candy.. (sambil buat muka sedih gila)
adib : cian mommy tak de candy
mommy : napa adib tak beli candy kat mommy?
adib : nanti siang kita beli kay?

(sebijik cara aku cakap bila nak pujuk adib. how fast kids immitate!)

okay la peeps. i haven't upload yet the items yang i nak let go. it's afiq and adib's winter jacket and winter pants that we bought the other day masa pegi UK. pumpkin patch, very good condition, and only worn masa pegi UK trip - 2 weeks. jacket tuh lebih sesuai untuk mild winter - say 10 degrees and above. ada 2 pieces available for both item, satu size 3 tahun, satu size 2 tahun (my twin tak sama besar). kalau ada sesapa yang berminat nak have a look just drop me your email add and i can email u the pics. i'll try to load it asap la dalam blog.

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