Tuesday, June 1, 2010

:: first day at work ::

to be back @ work after a long hiatus has always been hard. :I everybody has to adjust.

i left for work pretty early this morning, leaving afiq crying behind. i know he's very attach to me, and i know it's hard for him to see me working again, but mommy has to darling. adib and aidin was asleep when i left home. i made it on time to office. i find the office pretty quiet with the absence of my close colleagues who are on a looooong leave and on attachment.

started my day finding my pc is not working at all. nasib baik ada lappie so masih boleh review paperwork utk tomorow's discussion. blur - that's the state that i'm in.

since i'm breastfeeding aidin, i had to find time to go to answer the nature's call. have to make way, every three hourly to pump milk and store it in the cooler bag. so far dah 10oz of milk. another pumping session, and it should be enough to supply almost 2 days of aidin's feeding, insya Allah.

anyway, just wanna share some of adib's dialogue when he was out with me on our bonding session at jusco. (i try to bring only one of them, to get to know them better, as they are different when they're alone).

mommy : adib, tolong mommy pegang tissue aidin. (i bought numbers of wet tissues refill, and i didn't take the basket)

adib helped me out. and suddenly there was a married couple (i assume, takkan courting couple nak jalan kat babies' section kan?) walking, and adib suddenly say this to me

adib : mommy, aunty tuh shame! dia tak pakai seluar!

nasib baikla anak aku tuh cakap slow jek. i quickly pulled adib away.

morale of the story : anak itu kain putih. kita yang lukiskan dia. it really hits me, in a good way of course

ps - afiq skarang enjoy lagu2 p ramlee, especially lagu aci,aci bukak pintu. lawak gila dengar dia nyanyi

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Nor Azimah Azmi said...

kak aishah, i'll be back on 27th..pls do miss me..hehe..jumpa ahad nnti yer..InsyaAllah..