Monday, June 21, 2010

:: regrets ::

waking up in the morning and dragging myself to work is something that i really hate in my life. working for the sake of family financial is really biting me off.

i wasn't my usual self yesterday. i was being very hard to my kids. i just simply lose my composure, and simple misbehaviour by the kids really ticked me off. dan hari nih terus menerus diselubungi rasa bersalah. aaaaaaaa. i hate this feeling! i was supposed to entertain them, as weekends are the days that they really look for to spend with me. sorry darlings.

perhaps, sabtu nih i shall take them out, and bring them back to our humble nest, and let them enjoy their time with me.. only me..

again sayang, sorry. especially adib.

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En Hatta said...

Biasa la aishah.Manusia,ada up & down.Aku pn selalu naik angin.Time aku naik angin,anak aku cari umi dia. Time umi dia naik angin,dia cari walid dia.Mmg la sedih, terutama bila tgk anak kita tidur mlm tu lps dia kena marah.Just try our best to be a good mother/father :)