Friday, June 18, 2010

:: randomness ::

2 days time, father's day will be up. takde plan ank celebrate pun. so perhaps, just a day out with my kids, somewhere fun.

anyway, i'll be having my full body massage today.. weewo! sudah lama ku tunggu². really need to rejuvenate myself, as sekarang nih, asal kul 9.00pm jek mata nih dah macam digam². i wonder how my friend, aju, can do it. with twin boys and a baby a year apart, with no helper, and what more, WORKING.. i just don't know how she did it. hats off aju!

aidin is growing up very well. he has responded to the coos so well. he will start sengih lebar² bila i start to ask him, whether he wants me to sing tepuk amai² for him or not. owh, he's one charming baby, and pretty easy to handle. thank you so much to exclusive breastfeeding!

some may ask, apsal masa twin dulu i didn't do bf. let me share you my piece of story.

afiq and adib came in unexpectedly. at 32 weeks of pregnancy, they decided it should be the day they came out to see the world. i didn't prepare myself at all. i read too little on bf, hence i was not prepared. i didn't get to see my sons till 3rd day of delivery, so they didn't get the chance of the 1st hour of colostrum. i didn't get to stimulate milk production, hence mmg tak cukup despite efforts makan supplement, etc. ralat sangat rasa, especially bila baca & dengar cerita kawan² yang dapat bf their babies exclusively.

so bila aidin came in, dari awal lagi, i dah cakap ngan my husband, i want to bf him. as long as possible. the hospital helps a lot too. they really pegang that bf principles. 1 st hour keluar dari OT, they have wheeled aidin into my room for bf session.

alhamdulillah, to date, aidin cuma minum susu formula sekali sahaja, sebab masa tuh his sugar content was very low, and dr takut dia kena sawan and can caused brain damage to him despite aidin dah minum susu badan at that time. i was ok with the dr's decision, as aidin's life is more important.

tapi....... bf is not as easy peasy as i thought. byk sacrifice yang kita as mothers kena buat. hati kena mau strong. especially when u start working again. guess, this is the rational why 90days paid maternity leave should be given to all mothers!

kay la people. keja melambak nih kat opis, but i just can't focus. yesterday's meeting really eat my mood. but i better get back to what i'm supposed to do. ta!


Iryani Noor said...

alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan urusan akak utk BF aidin exclusively..

mcm yani hari ke 7 baru ada susu, then ngan inverted nipple lg so sofia susah nk latch.. die ngamuk2 waktu nk direct bf.. so yani terpaksa pump tu pon dpt 10ml jer.. have tried mcm2 milk booster (horlick, kurma, halba, lobak putih, longan, jus pegaga) tp susu still sikit sgt

skrg nie susu pon dh start kering.. sgt sedih and skrg nie terpaksa bagi sofia FM.. hmm xder rezeki nk BF die..

so yani doakan akak dpt BF aidin till he reach 2yrs.. insya-Allah =p..

FaRiHaH^THaLHa said...

kak aishah.. harap2 by this year cuti bersalin 90 hari tuh approved..leh produce satu lg... hihihi..

nurhareza said...

hopefullly reza pun leh bg bb bf exclusively.. th survey2 pam yg bagus ni.. akak pki brand apa ek?

aishah zaharin said...

yani - mungkin bukan rezeki's ok.hopefully,nxt one,yani boleh bf
farihah - dah ada simptom ke?
reza - akak pki spectra 3.beli sbb rs ok bila pki kt hospital.(hosp provide spectra).dia boleh adjust suction far ok,cuma gedabak la.