Monday, June 21, 2010

:: stress ::

mak gave me a call just now, informing adib's filling tercabut lagik.

is it only me yang rasa down bila semua benda kena buat sendiri as OH takde?

is it only me yang rasa bengang bila u call ur other half dia tengah nak kuar jalan2 when u're stucked up with neverending housechores?

is it only me yang rasa penat teramat when u have to wake up at least 4 times a night when ur other half is having a good night sleep?

is it only me yang rasa sakit hati when after nos of call attempts and unreplied sms-es, all u get is call u back later and that later is 5 hours later?

huwaaaaa! mak stress nyah oiiiii.


ya Allah ya Tuhanku,
ikhlaskanlah hati ku dalam membentuk amanah²Mu yang masih kecil,
bekalkanlah aku dengan segala kekuatan dan semangat,
kerana masih ada anak² kecil yang sedang berpaut,
pada diri ini.



Dan Cinta Terbang Lagi said...

Dear Sha,

I shared your emotions as that was exactly how i felt during my raising up years.

I would say, I have always been 'the one' who practically did almost everything under the sun semasa 5 anak-anak kak hani sedang membesar.

Strange thing is, i realized how true when people say - we get wiser in time.

so do you, dont worry to much. You soon will be a better muslim, wifey and mommy.

As now that I am older, I realized hati kita kena di ikhlas kan dulu dalam membuat apa pun. InsyAllah, bila hati ikhlas, Allah akan mempermudahkan banyak menda. Truth!!

Have you heard what stress can do to our life??

jadi diri sayang.

Kak Hani@Somethin' Light

aishah zaharin said...

salam kak hani.

one thing that melt away the tiredness is the baby's smile during the wee hours and he coos and laugh with you.

it's just sometimes, i feel it would be better if someone/anyone could really understand what you feel inside.

guess i've found one. :D

thank you for your wise words. insya Allah, i'll keep that in mind.

Fith said...

I can understand you,even we're in totally different situation.But I'm soo sure,you're not the one who feel those emotions.

Sabar je laa yg mampu kita buat,Allah knows better.kita tak boleh situasi but we can change the way we think,setuju dgn kata2 kak hani,kena ikhlaskan diri dulu,insyaAllah anak2 membesar dari asuhan yg ikhlas akan jd anak2 yg baik pd masa akan dtg.

take care!