Thursday, July 1, 2010

:: aduhai anak.. ::

afiq : mommy, malam ni apik tido came mommy. malam esok apik tido came daddy.

aku dah mengah nak menghadap statement anak² yang rindu kat daddy.

kalau la mommy ada byk duit sayang, i'd buy daddy's time so that you will get all the attention and love you deserve.

sabar la anak mommy, mommy sendiri tengah sabarkan hati yang dah hilang sabar.


Dan Cinta Terbang Lagi said...

Dear Sha,

Tarik nafas, jelaskan fikiran. Ikhlaskan hati.

You are here today because u can do this.

Bukankah first rule to love is to listen dear? InsyaAllah your turn to be listened will soon come.

Jaga diri, teguhkan hati :)

Love, Kak Hani

aishah zaharin said...

kak hani,

3 years of wait, masih belum fruitful. part of me is giving up.

Dan Cinta Terbang Lagi said...

Dear Sha,

They say - rest if you must, but dont you quit.

Quitting is NEVER in the diary of a mother :) *wink wink*

and look at us - are we not the blessed one??

Jaga diri!!

Selamat berhujung minggu.

Kak Hani

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

My husband works in Petronas as a chemical engineer. He was a UTP student, we got married when he was in third year, so his engineering student friends are my friends, and most of them are now in Petronas, different OPU, different nature of work.

In short, I think I could understand the situation you are going through. I could understand how Petronas treats its workers. And I could understand how the wives and children feel and face in adjusting their daily lives.

I don't have any background in engineering as I am from a totally different field. Being a wife to an engineer in Petronas, it is really challenging at times to understand and accept the nature of their work.

But just try our best to support our husbands' career, try to redha and be thankful to Allah for what He has granted us with. If our husbands enjoy being in that field and like doing what they are doing, we should encourage them to be the best in whatever they do. After all, marriage is about sharing life together, sweet or bitter.