Sunday, July 18, 2010

:: ramblings ::

i've been longing to go on short getaway. life has been busy, kids are neglected, works piling up, frowning lines have increased. all in all, i need to destress.

rindu pulak masa2 belajar dulu esp masa buat masters. (yep, to me masters by course is way easier than degree!) kengkadang tuh seangat nak buat pHd tuh meluap2, tapi bila kenangkan what OH needs to sacrifice, i just put it on hold. unless he decides to join me, then it's a totally different story la kan?

kids are growing up well. afiq and adib dah pandai 'nego' when their interest clashed i.e. nak tgk cartoon apa on player. it is extremely sweet bila dengar diorang nego. haha. kecik2 dah pandai.

aidin on the other hand dah jadi macam handbag mommy. he seems to know the time, bila i'll be back from work. masuk jek rumah, baru nak letak handbag and bukak tudung, he'll let out lil cries asking me to pick him up sebab aidin nak memerap. malam2, he has become my new bantal peluk, that he refused to sleep in his cot. aidin is the 'natural family planner'. hehe.

i'll be off from work on tuesday sebab nak cari baju melayu the twin for raya. (i hate shopping during fasting month.. i'd rather stay home unless i dapat 'mc' puasa. i hate the crowds!) hopefully wisma yakin dah start stock up dengan kids punya baju melayu.

okay la people. blogig off now. da!

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