Monday, January 31, 2011

:: Mode : Apa Mau Masak This Long Weekend ::

woke up super early today. 4.30am dah up & fresh. should have cook up some dishes, so boleh terus sahur and start ganti puasa. tapi tak terbuat.

instead, i was planning to put up an entry on the doa suggested by mantan imam negara, ustaz haji rosli on doa semasa hari arafah. TETAPI, aidin disrupted my plan, by also waking up super early and decided to play. in fact, it took me i think 2-3 stops just to send an email to a dear friend of mine. ooh aidin!

last saturday was spent at titiwangsa, following dr's advices. dr anthony suruh bawak adib running around at a park to improvise his lung. masih banyak phlegm dalam lung, following his h1n1 drama last 3 weeks. spent masa lebih kurang 1 hour. terpaksa shorten kan play time the kids sebab dah nak hujan. kids were unsatisfied. we promised them for a play on sunday, but unfortunately sunday was a wet wet day. sorry darlings..

i don't have any plans for the upcoming long weekends. bila takde plan, makanya, i have to plan for my cookings la. kalau saya tak fikir, sapa lagi mau fikir. hafta get my lazy butt to the grocery stores and start to stock up for the long weekend. not to mention the kids ration too. (kan dah sekolah sekarang, so mommy harus stock up food kat rumah for their 'bekal' everyday. tho school dah provide food, they still want to eat apa yang mommy bekal, tho it's only cereal!!! and milk)

running out of idea of what to cook (seriously!!). malasnya nak pikir, tapi kena pikir jugak sebab tak nak pegi grocery store and just randomly stuff up the trolley and ended up tak masak apa.

sangat tiada mood di kala ini. tolong! * tetiba

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WAK said...


"masih banyak phlegm dalam lung?"
kalo bernafas ada bunyi x? (hanya sekadar bertanya.)