Friday, December 28, 2012


Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Praises to Allah, for everything progress well and fine. I am now recuperating at home, and enjoying the confinement period with my boys and new born baby girl. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

This time delivery is pretty challenging. Lots of unexpected things happened, beyond imagination. But, with His blessings, alhamdulillah, we manage to pull through.

I delivered my first princess after a set of KRU via caesarian at prince court medical centre, performed by Dato' Dr Abd Aziz on 22 dec 2012. My c-sect was scheduled at 7.00am and was wheeled to OT by 6.40am.

Delivery was smooth, but Dr said my intestine and uterus were all tangled up, due to past procedures that I had, hence, the post op was NASTY. I was in extreme pain (though csect itself is painful, based on previous experience, but this time punya pain is SUPER NASTY). Couldn't pull myself up for two days, though I usually will be up and walking by day two. NASTY wind, sampai ke tahap you can actually see your tummy is moving like there's another baby inside. Forced myself to wake up at end of day two, and alhamdulillah, it gets better after that.

By the way, masa csect tuh ada benda kelakar jadi. Agaknya punya la excited sebab dapat anak pompuan, husband without realizing tanya Dr paed (non muslim), kiblat mana, masa nak azankan baby. I yang atas OT table rasa nak gelakkk jekk.

My parents arrived immediately after operation together with my kids. My then youngest son, Aidin was so jealous, that he could not even put his eyes on his new born sister. :) He don't even want to salam me, which is weird. Mana taknya, sampai-sampai kat wad, I tengah menyusukan baby. And knowing him, breastfeeding is only for him. :)

That night, Aidin developed super high fever. Siap vomit. 2-3 round demam spiked up to 40deg. Abah called up and informed us. I requested Abah to send him direct to ER, as knowing Aidin, it is normally not a good sign.

Screening shows that he contracted Influenza A virus, and will only know which trat yang dia dapat within 24-72 hours. kena admit di hospital yang sama at that very night. Pity Aidin, sebab sepanjang hidup dia, kalau masuk hospital, takkan ada orang jaga except Mommy. But this time round, we have to rely on Mak and maid to look after him, as I myself was very weak to look after myself and new born baby.

DAY 2-4
On and off when my newborn girl was taken to Nursery for phototherapy session, I took the chance to see him. He will flashed his biggest grin when Mommy visited him and we'll play with his toys for a while before I'm being called up again by the Nursery for feeding session. Extra care was taken, wash hand before and after jumpa Aidin, sebab takut we'll transfer the virus to the baby. Aidin was in isolated room throughout his stay.

By day 4, Dr gave permission for all of us to discharge, but Aidin was not 100% well yet. We decided to stay for another night for the sake of everyone.

New born baby girl had her circumcision today. All of us are discharged but we must pay extra care not to let Aidin to be to near to the baby till he's 100% clear from the virus.

So far, Aidin is getting more receptive towards the baby. He even claimed that the baby is baby didin. Afiq is very brotherly, boleh diharap tolong tengokkan baby, while adib, sangat tidak boleh diduga perasaannya. :)

In short, I'm more than happy though life makin sibuk. Syukur ya Allah, for everything turned out beautiful.


Belinda Adzmi Ibu Ilhamny said...

pity aidin... be strong sha.. hope Allah permudahkan segala urusan sha sefamily ya..

Nur Hasyimah Mahasan said...

Congratulation sis for new baby girl...

mas said...

alhamdulillah tahniah sha...k slmt berpantang...

sw33T MOm... said...

Congrats sis...