Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bedtime story

I'm guilty as charged bila baca entry Hanis Zalikha on how we treat anak kecik/adik. Hafta make time to treat them well. #reminder

Dua-tiga hari nih, Afiq super manja, and super sweet. Maybe sindrom nak dapat adik lagi. Or maybe he was affected sebab dia nampak I jatuh kat Jusco the other day.

Last few nights, masa nak dinner, he a five year old boy suddenly offer, Mommy, I'll take some drinks for you. #cair

Yesterday, he requested for a bedtime story. Bedtime story dia always revolve character cartoon yang dia suka. Kalau kecik-kecik dulu, anything with Thomas, Bob the Builder. Dah besar panjang nih, Ninjago pulak.

I was out of idea. So husband took over. I know my husband was super sleepy, so his story is kinda mengarut. Kesian budak tuh, confuse. hehe.

Tapi yang kelakar, bila sampai satu part.....

Daddy : Then the Ninjago went to village. There're hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of snake. (penuh semangat)
Afiq : (Sempoi) Just say many.

Terus hilang ngantuk adg gelak gila. See how concentrate kids are?


mas said...

bijaknya lahai anak...

ArELeEz said...

kantoi tp, sweet je.. he3..

btw, u've been tagged! ;P