Tuesday, December 18, 2012


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I came home from work. Eager to see what the kids are doing.

Soklan cepumas setiap kali balik, adalah, "What did you do today?"

And Adib answered, (dengan gaya coverline tapi serius senang sangat nak tau he's covering up!) : Errrrr, nothing Mommy! I'm..... just waiting for you.

sedangkan, sebenarnya, sebelum tu dia tengah melayan game kat hp atok/wan dia.

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I was having dinner with husband and my father, that my father suddenly blurted out Adib's secret..

Abah : Adib mintak nak pakai phone Abah, nak main game. he said, atok, can i borrow your phone and play game? don't worry, i'll put it on silent so that Mommy won't hear.

gelak besau aku ngan husband aku.

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