Tuesday, January 11, 2011

:: live from PCMC : adib h1n1 +ve ::

lama tak update blog. too many things happened in a short while.

last thursday morning, my OH received a call from the twin's school, informing that afiq's temperature reached 37.5deg. the kindy's rule - any kid with temperature above 37.5deg must be picked up by parents. since both me and OH is in the office, mom took her time to fetch afiq from school. sekejap je demam dia. esok pepagi tu dah kebah, and he's all geared up for school again.

frieday went on smoothly. bila petang balik kerja, tengok2 adib pulak demam. as usual, monitor temperature. as well as kasi pcm. voltaren suppository tuh memang ada jek spare kat rumah. sekali tgk2 temperature adib shoot up lagi. sampai almost 40deg and surut pun sikit saje tho dah sponging and dah bagi supp. 4am in the morning, OH sent adib to hospital for check up and he was screened positive for influenza A. dr then buat further test to rule out h1n1. i was pretty sure that adib will be h1n1 free, as i have given the h1n1 vaccine to all my kids before i went off for hajj.

dr kata the test will take roughly 24 hours before dapat result. she said, we can either admit him or take him home. OH decided to take home and wait for the dr's call next day. dr dah start prescribe tamiflu.

saturday - adib's temperature macam yoyo. kejap naik kejap turun. at about 1 pm, dr from ER department call and said, adib is positive for h1n1. i was like what???? kan dah kasi vaccine? so dr advise check the others.

we all pun pegi la GP nak dapatkan referral letter. tapi referral letter langsung tak boleh pakai. boleh insurance kata agreement with employer goes this way. they won't cover screening cost for h1n1 kalau negative. kalau positive jek diorang cover. don't u find it PELIK?? rabak la kami almost RM700 for teh screening test. alhamdulillah, all of us cleared from the flu, despite rasa cam nak demam2 etc.

we admit adib for his own good sake. he was coughing badly, and i was worried that his lung will be affected.

past experiences really help. influenza nih sama jek simptom cam demam biasa, cumanya dia demam tak kebah2. fast action penting sangat. so friends with kids, hope this can be a guidance. tho dah amek vaccine, your kids or maybe yourself pun masih boleh contract h1n1. dr kata msia ikut standard WHO. kasik satu dose. kalau US, 2 dose. but some people punya antibody is just a little bit weaker that the vaccine tak dapat nak protect your body from h1n1.

so skang nih adib masih belum discharge dari hospital. we have to wait until 24 hours fever free baru boleh dr boleh release him. he has been begging us to bring him home. afiq pun bosan duduk sorang2 kat rumah. aidin lagi kesian sebab kena tinggal.

okay la people. pls recite some doas that my boy will recover asap. hate to see him with drips and such.


yatie chomeyl said...

get well soon to Adib, thanks for the tips

Marina said...

our prayers with you & family...moga adib cepat sembuh..

-M-E- said...

take care dear! kita berusaha by taking those vaccination but its His will kalau anak2 kita kena jugak. My prayers with you and the family.

ucufan said...

just nak share ngan akak dr pengalaman sendiri.. katala tamiflu ke apa ke.. kalau boleh tak perlu makan ubat yg dia bg.. kalau makan.. rasa cam nak pecah dada.. menggigil2.. tp tu ubat utk org tua la budak kecik kita tak tau.. tp takyah makan la.. satu biji pun dah cukup ketatkan dada.. gileerrr..

Iryani Noor said...

get well soon Adib...

Lady Lavender said...

insyaalah..semoga adib cepat sembuh.

suret said...

semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya..InsyaAllah..

azuradaud said...

semoga adib cepat sembuh..terperanjat gak sebab ari tu tym kiter borak2..cam afiq yg demam..
psst..alhamdulillah kamu negatif..kalo tak rabak gak ler i nak kuar duit rm700... :p (jgn cubitttt i..)

ayin1911 said...

hopefully ur kids are all ok now..
take care of urself juge..
my prayers are with the kids+ur family..