Saturday, December 27, 2008

:: 16 hari berpantang ::

i'm on my 16th day of confinement.. but then, macam dah org tak dalam pantang anymore.. partly due to, i have no newborn baby to take care and to remind me that i'm in my confinement period and partly, i can't really enjoy my time with my boys, as i'm forbidden from carrying them around..

today, break the rule, and i cook for my boys.. my boys lately tamau makan nasi.. my maids dok komplen, makan sikit sgt.. reason being - (i think la) they're bored with soupy stuff and ikan.. hehe.. typical mommy.. mmg turun perangai i yang tak suka makan mende yang sama for a long period.. so, to make sure they at least eat, i dished up simple nasi goreng- diced the carrot, sliced up the sawi, bits of oyster mushroom, egg, kicap cair, normal wg putih + merah. sikit jek oyster sauce.. pastu potong kecik² hash brown yang dah digoreng.. walla.. banyak gila diorang makan.. smalam si afiq agaknya mogok ngan lauk yang sama, dia sanggup makan nasi putih kosong jek! nampak gayanya, esok and days onwards, mommy dia kena masak la despite being in confinement period.. smalam discuss ngan husband, nampak²nya bila dah start keje nanti, i kena jugak masak.. skang nih pepagi pun tamau dah makan cereal.. nak makan cam org besau.. guess, i finally need to hit kinokuniya and get the anabel karmel punya buku la kan sheri?

tu satu story.. afiq n adib skang dah pandai nak meng'handsome'kan diri sendiri.. lupa lak nak share, my brother from ireland balik cuti one month.. this is his first time meeting his nephews.. i though he's gonna have a hard time to make the boys adapt to him, but hm. chocolate proves me wrong.. suap choccy, tak sampai satu jam dah boleh attach and main².. so bila dia ada kat umah at the moment nih, kurang la sket boring si afiq and adib sbb ada org melayan.. bagi minum vitagen la, bawak round la, snap² gambar la and paling best, bagi pakai sunglasses.. my goodness, perasan habis! he's going back on the 3rd, hopefully the boys won't miss him that much sampai demam²..

what else? owh, next year, we might embark our journey as kunun² expatriate.. haha.. i might need to take longgggggg unpaid leave.. (dear, u may need to revise my monthly allowances) to accompany hubby.. should this become reality, finally i'll get the chance to feel and experience being a fulltime housewife.. heh.. talking bout trying to be a perfect, gorgeous housewife.. ;)

guess that's all for now.. ari nih afiq n adib tak main kat lawn.. sbb hari hujan sket.. hmm, btw, u might find this entry sounds a bit happy and seems that 've recover from the tragedy.. well, i came accross an article about tunku zawiyyah (datuk k's ex wife).. she said, u will only be happy, when u decide to be happy.. it made me realize that i have to move on with life, and take good care of afiq and adib.. as amin in a better hand and care.. so, people, be positive in everything that happened.. though once in a while, i'll definitely miss him and wonders how life would be if he's alive, but i'm a Muslim, i must believe in qada' dan qadar.. for everything that happened adalah rahsia Allah belaka.. He knows what is the best for His hamba.. and He won't test us with things that we can't take..

to all my friends, who have been with me, throughout my thick and thin, thank you so much.. only Allah can repay your kindness thought..

take good care everyone.. zai jian! (means - see u again.. dulu amik mandarin course tapi hangat² taik ayam)

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sheri said...

annabel karmel? hehe.. nice recipes.. esp if they are not interested/bored already with malay dishes...:) i skrg cek out myresipi je for dishes yg tak penah masak.. nice too..internet has loads of great recipes for free ;p