Monday, December 29, 2008

:: sama tapi tak serupa ::

best to describe my twin boys - afiq and adib..

had a 'cooking' day today.. serving my loved ones in kain batik, param and pilis in the kitchen..

in my previous entry, i've told ya on how afiq and adib are getting fed up with the normal soupy and ikan goreng.. i'm a bit worried as afiq is very much underweight, and it's a great concern when i see his paed.. i hate putting him on protein supplement.. but i have to..

so, to overcome my boys' eating problem, i decided to cook today.. (smalam tak masak since my mom dished up delicious nasi tomato.. hehe) tengahari masak cantonese fried kuey teow.. afiq makan banyak sangat.. suka! siap tambah.. :D hilang penat mommy.. tapi adib didn't enjoy the food much..

for dinner, i masak a lil' bit western to fulfil adib's taste bud.. (he likes western foodie so much.. u should watch him eat mushroom soup wit garlic bread..) i cooked spaghetti with cream sauce.. break my rules, i let my boys to enjoy some sausages.. to my astonishment.. afiq didn't like it at all, that he finally had nasi putih with sayur goreng.. and adib.. u can guess what happened..

kesimpulannya : my sons have a very different tastebud.. afiq is very melayu when it comes to food.. and adib is very the very western.. nampak gayanya after this, mommy dia kena invent fusion food la gamaknya to complement both tastebud.. nasib baik bapak dia universal.. kalau bapak dia pulak tekak mamak.. PENGSAN MOMMY!


mast@work said...

asal nigella tu camni le.. layan anak2 dia.. hehehe.. i miss your cook la kak aishah.. it's been years since the last time i went to your house.. hehe..

sikit hari lagi boleh la buat cookbook sendiri.. woot woot

undomesticwifey said...

bila dah beli buku tu, review ya!!


aishah zaharin said...

mast - halamak nigella wanna be.. ;) with beautiful curves and good food.. mmg domestic goddess la!

nard - kalau la impian jadi kenyataan, aku bagi free autogerap kat ko! ngehngeh