Friday, December 26, 2008

:: flashback ::

2008.. a year, full of happiness and sadness..

it has been a smooth sailing year in 2008.. we've been hit by various great news, not forgetting hard, bitter memories that took place in december 11.. but life has to go on, and i can't forever grief..

looking back, i'm very grateful, that Allah has granted me with three adorable sons.. though one has parted away from my life, but he's still and forever my son.. Allah has given me such adorable twins, and they now have grown into 2 handsome toddler, with a very unique personality each one of them.. afiq is so called 'attention seeker' and he's pretty manja with everyone, while adib is very boyish and independent.. arwah amin on the other hand, has been called by Allah.. aku redha..

me and husband has learned a lot through out this 2008.. we're very happy that we at least now, know that i can conceive naturally and have the ability to deliver naturally.. alhamdulillah.. and i hope and i pray, that Allah will give me more chances to do so in the near future.. amin..

i hope with the journey of 2008, that is full of bends and rocky roads, beautified by sweet roses and flowers along the journey will prepare us for a better year in 2009.. i want to be a better muslismah, a better wife, a better mom, a better daughter, a better friend, a better employee, a better employer, in short a better in every matter!

welcome 2009.. aishah is taking her babystep to a better her.. amin..

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