Monday, December 1, 2008

:: happy weekend ::

so, the new ride has finally arrived home safely.. afiq and adib were so excited.. alhamdulillah, syukur to Allah the AlMighty for giving us the rezeki to afford a lil' comfort to our lil ones..

i had a great weekend with my other half and the boys during the weekend.. well spent, shall i say..

:: saturday ::
after some essential shopping - cereals, car kits, groceries, biscuits @ carrefour, wangsa maju, we head to ikea with the boys.. my SIL tagged along with her daughter atiqah sofiah.. brought her along to distract her from following her daddy who's heading back to jb for a week..

the boys enjoyed themselves so much.. alhamdulillah, we managed to keep them to sit still in the stroller, despite some protests here and there.. we dropped by at anakku outlet to check out the car seats.. let the boys to amuse themselves at a small playground provided by the shop.. outcome : great laugh and they fell asleep, and sleep all the way long from ikea to MIL's place..

it has been a while since we last visited the curve.. i caught a glimpse of new cafes - bondi grilled steak cafe kalau tak salah.. told hubby, 'hey, kena maakn nih kat sini' (bondi - famous beach kat syd.. banyak pisang salai (if u get what i mean) during summer..


:: sunday ::
spent the morning at home.. had brekkie with the boys.. (i'm too lazy to mix some pancake batter or whatever).. we just had simple roti bakar laden with butter and kaya.. lunch was even simpler.. masak lemak kobis, with telur sambal and asparagus goreng.. afiq hates cabbage so much, that he refuse to eat it, but adib loves cabbage.. (pening gak kan..) 2-2 tamau makan nasi.. makan lauk saje.. my maid bising.. dia cakap, 'kalau mommy nyer ada, mmg macam ini.. tapi kalau mommy nyer takde, makan saje..' haha.. betul la kot..

anyway, petang tuh, we (again) brought the boys out.. we have to, as after this, i'll be in my confinement period, plus i know some ancient petua says that if u're approaching your final weeks of preganncy, kena banyak² jalan to ease the process of delivery.. (crossing my fingers..)

we at first, decided to go to midvalley.. but then, after looking at the queue nak masuk, terus cancel.. buat u-turn 360 degrees and head to pavillion.. was preety hungry when we arrived there.. so i (haha, i yang pilih not hubby sbb melayan tekak i la) chose to have simple tea @ the pancake international house - grabbing the basic pancakes and waffles.. (two in one purposes - for the adults and the toddlers as well..) read : using the word toddlers make me feel they are so grown up!

later at night, had dinner at MIL's place.. (read - it has been like these for the past weeks, and my dapur even ran out of bawang kecik sbb tak masak punya hal.. ) :D only went back after the boys dah tido, since my other half pun tak berapa sihat..(tapi sihat la plak tgk man u lawan man c.. pelik betul.. )

btw, my younger bro got engaged yesterday.. but we didn't attend the majlis anyway, sbb jauh + due to my condition.. congrates anyway..

what else, owh, BFF's birthday today.. SALHANA ISMAIL.. happy birthday mek na! semoga dimurahkan rezeki + panjang umur.. semepna birthday BFF nih, aku nak wish diri aku gak "JANGAN BERSALIN ARI NIH! TAKUT KENAN PERANGAI SAL!" hehe.. no offense yeah? lap u!

okay all, take care.. mmuah!

ps : dear hubby, marche this evening?


salhana said...

kenan aku xpe..

cun + baik + bijak + vokal gred A + wanita melayu terakhir + vogue + kiut ha xke pakej tuh.beruntung tau hehehe

aishah zaharin said...

meh aku bagi persamaan baru,

aishah - salhana = cun + baik + bijak + vokal gred A + wanita melayu terakhir + vogue + kiut

baru betul!