Friday, December 5, 2008

:: not in labour, yet ::

i know.. i know.. i have been in silent mode past days.. neither that i've delivered nor i'm in labour.. it's just that i couldn't find the time and energy to put up any entries.. yeah.. stamina is degrading and tummy is growing.. great combo!

as planned, on monday, i headed to the curve to get the carseats for my two boys.. 3rd is coming up, and we're short of hands to hold them anymore (plus rear seatbelts rule will be in in january.. so better start now)hopefully, i could tame the boys to sit quietly and nicely in the carseats.. (i had tough time in oz.. ha, the boys really cried their heart loud!) btw, had my first trial @ the marche, and i like it so much.. food was great, ambience - different.. best.. (sempat jek dating ngan hubby gitu!) hehe..

outcome of monday - extreme fatigue.. tuesday lambat gila bangun.. terus jek decide EL.. :D

wednesday and thursday, i'm on my medical leave.. wednesday ada A&C.. at first dr kata, 'owh, great! the head is down!' (read : means, boleh la bersalin normal, or shall i say i could finally meneran like sheri mentioned!)' tapi tak sampai 5 minit.. 'aiyak.. kepala dia dah kat tepi la pulak'.. boleh tahan aktif sorang nih! so the dr last² cakap, he'll be giving me one more week to see how things go, before deciding.. he requested me to undergo MRI, so that he could assess whether i'm a good candidate for normal birth atau tidak.. so.. i still have to wait till next week..

so hari nih dah pun jumaat.. i'm marking my 38 weeks of pregnancy.. blooming mommy - that's me now.. bloated everywehere.. water retention dah mula start.. it's a sign of labour.. anytime soon.. so readers, please pray for me.. doakan semoga saya n baby selamat dalam proses kelahiran.. amin!

ps : btw - adib dah pandai cakap 'car'! hehe..


~ shac ~ said...

First trial in marche? o0o sis. you should go more often. Especially if they have Tuesday's Buffet or Buka Puasa buffet.. It was so worth it.. And I'm in love with the salads, rostis, pizzas an not forget the fruit juice!! That's why friends call me and hubby, "Food Fanatics" hee.. hee..

p/s: bile Alya nak boleh ckp nih? (yg ada maksud laa, bukan mcm skang nih)

mast@work said...

kak aishah, marche kat curve best.. saya pun dah banyak kali try.. hehe.. car seat tu memang kena guna.. aiman sampai la ni duk car seat.. papa dia cakap, seat depan hanya untuk princess papa je.. sapa? me laa.. akkakakaka..

anyway, saya doakan akak dapat bersalin normal.. hehe.. baru kita leh geng! kakaka

sheri said... excited. i'm sure u're looking forward to hug ur adorable bundle of joy regardless of how the delivery is..betul tak? like u said dulu, yg penting a safe delivery for both mommy and baby. take care dear.. i can feel the excitement...bestnyer ada newborn :)

aishah zaharin said...

sha - slalu lalu depan marche, tapi tak penah terlintas pun nak masuk.. baru jek try and yes i liek the food and ambience.. dia nyer sauteed mushroom yummy..

mast - oo skang nih tak gang la ek? hihihihi.. cuak gak nih mas.. akak nih dah la penakut sakit!

sheri - yep, regardless the method.. ikut sliding door ke ikut tingkap ke, janji safe and sound.. betul kan? sbb Allah lagi tahu apa yang baik utk kita.. yes, newborn cries mmg sweet kan? lain bunyi dia..

Anonymous said...

Aweng pun doakan semoga kepala baby akan maintain dok kat bawah dan akak dapat bersalin normal :)

Good luck to you sis! mari kita doa banyak2! Aminnnn....