Thursday, December 18, 2008

:: it has been a week ::

it has been a week, since the day amin passed away.. alhamdulillah, i've managed to collect myself to one solid piece and manage the loss though at times i still miss him and could feel his skin on my cheek..

we now appreciate afiq and adib more than we ever did.. it's not that we don't love them before, but it teaches us to value them more.. this thing could happened to anyon, that is one leson that i've learned from this tragedy.. ajal dan maut itu PASTI.. itu perjanjian kita dengan Allah di Loh Mahfuz lagi..

knowing that Amin is definitely in Jannah makes me feel better.. itulah investment aku and hubby kat dunia nih, insya Allah.. his passing has made me and hubby realize hat we have not done much yet for our preparation to meet Allah.. our solat, our ibadah.. rasanya masih tak cukup.. sudahlah tak cukup, tak sempurna pulak..

afiq and adib is coping well.. but durng the early days, i believe afiq is kinda 'affected'.. he will kiss amin's pyjama (the one and only pyjama that he wore) everyday.. he'll wake up in the wee hours somewhere near the time when the dr pronounced amin's death, crying.. but now, he's getting better.. and i have to be even stronger for i know that i still have two little adorable boys to look after..

i now, look at the future in a different way.. i now realized that we could plan 1001 beautiful things, but Allah will decide what is best for us.. i pray and i hope that one day, Allah will give me a better replacement than amin so that it could dull the sorrow a bit..

btw, we're hosting a majlis tahlil for arwah amin on the 21st december (sunday) after maghrib at surau Attarbiyyah (jalan I, taman melawati).. i'm inviting all my muslim friends untuk sama² menjayakan majlis tahlil ni..

before i end this entry, i'd like to thank all my blog readers, my lovely friends and colleagues for all kind words, doa, prayers and well wishes that u have conveyed.. some even call from accross the sea (ayin) to convey the condolences.. thank you so much! it has helped me to wade through the storms.. only Allah can repay your thought and kindness..

alfathihah untuk arwah Amin.. mommy rindu amin..


adeq said...

akak..sabar byk2..xtau nk ckp apa..ari2 i baca post akak..sgt sedey..semoga ALLAH bg kekutan kat akak hadapi dugaan ni..InsyaALLAH..

sheri said...

i have never seen someone as strong as you.. makes me wanna cry reading ur entry. you can still see the positive of something as sad as this. Your parents must be really proud of u and have raised u well. percaya pada qada' and qadar.. alhamdulillah... take care dear

djdora said...

hi. im a friend of sheri's. my warmest condolences to you and your family.. I cried reading your post.. I too have lost an anak sedara last year..

I pray that Allah will give you strength to go through this ujian.. He is 'terlalu istimewa' and he will be waiting for you and your husband at the gates of heaven..


MamaRayyan said...

salam pkenalan..takziah, smga rohnya dicucuri strong..

nurhareza said...

kak.. semua yang berlaku ada hikmah nya.. reza tau akak seorg yang tabah.. tak semua org boleh jd mcm akak.. maaf tak dapat nk dtg majlis tahlil tu.. semga rohnya dalam lidungan dan keberkatan Allah..

Laflybee said...

salam, aishah..sori ana tak call bila dapat tau pasal kehilangan aishah haritu. ana tak sampai hati nak tambahkan lagi susah hati aishah kalu dok tanya2. tapi, ana lega bila aishah dapat terima dugaan Tuhan ni dgn redha.. Sabar byk2 ya.. Ana selalu doakan aishah bahagia & tenang hati