Wednesday, December 10, 2008

:: unhappy ::

i'm not happy with things that are happening around me at the moment and yet i couldn't find ways to let it out from my system.. writing has always been a therapy.. but not in this case.. just could n't simply jot things up in this blog of mine, as it is read by readers who most of them know me personally.. i agree with cuz, linie, sometimes, i'm in stuck deep down in a dilemma trench, of being 'blunt' in my entries..

i've talked to him (read : not hubby) that i'm not agreable to certain things that are taking place.. yeap, there were changes at first, but it only last for about a year.. and things are recurring back, in fact i feel it becomes worst, and i ended up feeling very uncomfortable in my supposed 'comfortest' (if there is such word) zone.. i believe this is not due to my preggy hormone syndrome or whatsoever, as it has been bugging me for quite sometimes.. i'm afraid of losing my patience and finally return to the old me, being extreme sarcastic and hurt people's feeling..

i just don't know how to relay my message anymore.. should i ignore it, or shall i live with it, or shall i do something about it?

anyway, i'll be having my A&C tomorrow, and most probably the dr will decide baby tu ikut sliding door ke ikut tingkap.. i peeped to my MRI report.. it seems that the opening is wide enough.. it all now depends on the baby.. ya Allah, kurniakanlah yang terbaik untuk diriku dan anakku.. amin..

ps : i haven't come up with a name yet!


Anonymous said...

sabar ye kak aishah... jgn tensi tensi...

aweng doakan akak diberi kesihatan oleh-Nya supaya ble deliver normal..

ummul aqeem said...

akak dapat tau dr entry sheri about ur lost.. banyak2 bersabar! i know u are strong enuff to face this test..take gud care of urself during this confinement.. u're very special.
Perancangan Allah melebihi perangan kita.. semoga u and famili tabah menghadapinya..