Tuesday, June 30, 2009

:: dan dia terbang lagi ::

it has been a while since i last update this blog. have been pretty busy and occupied. OH is back (only for a week! hisyh!) and he's now in the plane flying back to russia for three weeks. adoi. bosan!

anyway, lil bro's wedding reception dah pun selesai. ada hiccups here and there, and am happy for it to be over. penat oo.

gambar takde pun dalam my camera. harap my bro to upload from his.

okay la. mulut sakit nak cakap bebanyak (apa kaitan ntah ngan tangan yang menaip). take care readers. salam.


~ shac ~ said...

sowwy to hear (more like read) that sis.. byk² sabar ek?
eh, jadi ke akak ke sana?

aishah zaharin said...

still undecided. :(