Tuesday, June 16, 2009

:: random updates ::

i saw my boys in their mini pool yesterday evening when i arrived back from work. quickly joined the boys, together with my soon to get married brother.

they enjoyed themselves (mommy too!) that i didn't realize that afiq was playing fool with me. boleh budak kecik tuh pegi siram mommy dia yang duduk menyangkung tepi pool kecik diorang tuh sambil pakai baju kurung balik dari opis?? sabar jek le. nasib baik sempat tangkap, kalau tak sure basah kuyup.

adib on the other hand suruh my bro to take off his sandal and joined him in the pool. 'kak' (bukak). my bro obligued and joined him. once he's in the pool, adib datang dekat pegang baju ngan suar, cakap 'kak!' suruh bukak baju ngan suar. kitorang bantai gelak gila.

agaknya sebab penat sangat, afiq dozed off pretty early, while adib still active. sekali skala dia lari kat pc tekan keyboard, panggil 'daddy!' (agaknya teringat we skyped over the weekend) managed to skyped with my OH late night with adib on my lap. with one window showing him, and another window showing thomas with songs. fenin.. fenin..

oklah all. counting days for thursday to come. he'll be back for my bro's wedding. and looking forward for friday too, as we're gonna be one complete family, after yearsssssssss tak jumpa and duduk sekali. yeay!!!

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