Thursday, June 4, 2009

:: future ~ hazy ::

i normally look forward for weekend to come.

but not this time.

starting monday, OH will start his 11-days journey to russia (part 1) before he finally settle down in russia in july till march next year. i'm trying to do the reasoning, hence trying to portray ONLY the positive things to keep my spirit up. i'm trying to console myself that i could do lots of things without him, things that i can hardly do when he's around. i'll try to take this opportunity to make way for a better bonding time with my kids. gagagaga. will i survive?

what will transpire next is pretty hazy. haven't got any clues on career prospect that is hindering me from following him immediately. if anything falls in place, as per proposal, insya Allah, i'll be united with him in november the earliest. i hope my boys will cope well with the situation.

anyway, lil' bro will get married in 2 weeks time. perhaps next week, once OH departed to russia, i'll be able to start to help mom to do all the hantaran and door gifts. currently, i'm all tied out to lend a helping hand to mom. sorry mak!

guess, this is the way that Allah thinks is best for me, to make me become a better mother. it's time to get fit as well, as i'll be alone in being on toes running after my active boys.

please pray that i'll be strong readers. please pray that Allah will give nothing but only the best for all of us.


dila~noor said...

yes i will!!

you must be strong ok =)

Anonymous said...

yakin boleh kak aishah!

:: kay dora :: said...

salam sha...




i'll pray for you and may Allah give us the best in our life.


aishah zaharin said...

dila, aweng, kay~ tq sooo much!