Tuesday, June 2, 2009

:: new eatery discovered : Michaelangelo's Deli and Restaurant, BBQ Chicken ::

as promised..

the post on the new eateries discovered, and i believe i'm definitely coming for more!

having a pretty high standard (ecceh!) on pasta, i always find it a tad hard to arrive on one. but yesterday, the 6th wedding anniversary lunch has lead us to one good outlet - Michaelangelo's Deli and Restaurant in Pavillion.

we were pretty much undecided on what to eat, but then the promotion seems to be very inviting. free appetizer, coffee/tea and dessert.. it's just sound extremely good! crossing my fingers, we entered the restaurant and placed our order.

knowing me and OH. we're small eaters. hence ordering one main course and one appetizer is good enough to make us feel full. we had creme di funghi (that comes with the lunch set) and calamari fritti for appetizer. the creme is superb, i can taste the mushroom-ness of the soup and the calamari - TENDER!

for main, we had - spaghetti marinara sizzlelini - spaghetti in tomato gravy with prawns, calamari, mussels. and i think the serving is pretty big, enough for two. (to me yeah, sebab i small eater) extremely nice!

coffee - not bad. i had fresh blended orange juice. (should have asked for no ice instead) we had choc torte with vanilla icecream (part of meal set - er, i believe it's torte, or perhaps brownies. not sure what it is really, the only thing i knew is it tasted good) and pannacotta with strawberry jam. the pannacotta was ok, the only drawback is - the jam is too little. haha.

that was for lunch.

later in the evening, we tagged the boys along for a simple family outing. we were first at the playground but then we decided to bring them to JJ setiawangsa and let them enjoy themselves at the playland. surely after main bebudak nih lapar, so we headed to BBQ chicken in JJ Setiawangsa. i was so obsessed with this restaurant after the first time i tried it with fellow colleagues in OU.

it's definitely a healthier choice for us without compromising the taste. the chickens were fried in EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and my boys for the FIST TIME EVER can sit down quietly and enjoyed the meal. :D wee!

anyway, the boys had olive crunchy chicken and my OH had jerk BBQ. me? haha. takut gemuk babe. so i just tumpang sekaki here and there.

so, that's a story of a wonderful day out on MONDAY tatkala orang lain tension bekejra. (keji kan menyakitkan hati semua orang)



dila~noor said...

kak aishah,kalau letak gmbr lg keji kot..hihihi

aishah zaharin said...


i know somebody will get jealous. muahaha. heaven oo cuti ari isnin.

best.. best..