Monday, June 15, 2009

:: of potty train + 'don't know where's my parcel' status ::

had a simple weekend with the boys.

brought them out for a simple outing. pergi beli their underwears (anak² terunaku sudah tidak mahu pakai pampers lagi tho belum 100% toilet train) and toilet seat. sempat kena paq ngan anak² teruna sepasang sandal thomas and friends each. (instead of the cheap RM5.00 sandal!) grr!

both of the boys dah tak nak (or in their language, tak-moh) pakai diapers lagi. sometimes, terpaksa 'paksa' pakai, especially when we go out. (i know it's against potty train rules, but what work for u might not work for me kan?) masih banyak 'accidents' here and there. time ok, they'll inform if they wanna pee or poo. at times, they do their 'business' sesuka hati. i feel that i should train one at a time, but both dah reject diapers. i feel that adib is ready enough compared to afiq. tapi takpelah, bagus jugak buat 2 org skali, skali jek headache.

anyway, adib managed to poo (hooray!) in the toilet yesterday morning. (i'm turning to a 'normal' mom here. anak ber** pun nak cerita.. hehe) tapi he was so shy that he turned his face away from mommy, despite the happy cheers! (but after succesfully doing it in the loo, dia belasah buat business on his own pants. adeh!) aiyoo.

kadang² rasa, yang tak ready nak potty train nih mak dia, bukan anak. ngehngeh. asyik lupa nak bawak pegi toilet every hourly. camana nih?

owh, lupa nak share. came accross my cousin's entry on Lelaki Melayu Terakhir, and she managed to put up a smile on my face before i went to sleep. have a dip, and u'll get what i mean. :D

i also want to share my experience dealing with online shopping. so far i tak ada masalah la buat order² online nih. but this time i macam agak geram dan frust bila janji tak buat. i'm pretty strict when it comes to time. i'm not saying that i'm not flexible. i would very much appreciate if the seller could honour me by at least inform me if he/she can't meet my dateline, rather than leaving me clueless. sangat curious samada parcel itu akan tiba hari ini atau tidak sebab no tracking number is given. and the best thing is she said whe's away from today till friday, and yes i need the thing before friday for my brother's wedding!!!! argh!!!!! he/she needs to learn some business ethics if he/she really wants to fly high! talking of which, terus teringat kena email inn (i ordered hantaran cake from her for mybro's wedding) for delivery details.

ok. cukup untuk lepas geram hari ini.

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Mlle Linie said...

tq for referring my link. hehe. glad i made u smile :)