Monday, June 8, 2009

:: phase 1 has begin ::

phase 1 has begin.

send my OH off this morning at KL sentral. he'll be in russia for the next 10 days, and be back for my bro's wedding. he'll be mob to russia effectively in july.

so here i am, standing on my own, looking after two kids. no tears are flowing, no point to grief. he'll go anyway. duty's call.

i haven't firmed up my decision yet. hope to see clearer on what transpire next.

so far, the boys are behaving well, except adib who at times, look a lil bit lost. hopefully they'll cooperate and cope well, for they are my pillar of strength too.

i'm trying to portray only the positive things now. has planned with office colleague for an evening of work out to burn the stubborn, excessive fat. :P (sambil hendak mengguna sepenuhnya kasut sukan baru itu. hihi)

kay all, take care. muahs!

ps #1~ dear OH, i know u'll be reading this. adib mengamuk tadi sebab dia nak main dia nyer thomas and james yang i tinggalkan kat umah. dia pegi susun bomba kecik tuh back to back and keep on saying 'ten' (train). bila bomba tuh moved apart, dia marah. he's one creative boy for sure. he also dah recognize one more car - 'go carts'

ps #2~ afiq dah pandai sebut 'hurry up'. guess how he pronounced it? 'YAP' dapat dari cd thomas this evening. btw, i tak sempat duduk lagi, dib² cakap kat i 'go car'. adeh!


mast@work said...

adib sama cam aiman.. semua benda disusun jadi macam train.. sampai kereta dia pun susun sekali..

aishah zaharin said...

hehe. apa yang interestingnya train tuh pun akak tak tau