Tuesday, June 2, 2009

:: mengantuk sangat nih! ::

been away for a while. berada di pantai timur over the weekend with OH, my boys and ILs. syukur the boys behaved pretty well in the car throughput the journey (except for afiq masa on the way back)

i'm extremely sleepy today. adib didn't sleep well, so did mommy. was supposed to wake up for my post midnight meal (sahur) tapi sedar² dah nak masuk subuh. huwa!! harapnya diberi kekuatan untuk settlekan puasa hari nih, as i still have a big sum to ganti. budget minggu nih nak puasa straight. (tiap² minggu niat cam gituh. sigh)

anyway, was off work yesterday. had a day out with OH to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. thanx for the gifts. nanti will update later on where we go and the newly found eatery outlets yang best. :D

owh, i still haven't update my foodie blog. am supposed to post up my scones and ikan sepat + nenas masak lemak cili api recipe. nanti ada time i update yeah. sangat mengantuk dan rasa mahu lari ke surau untuk tidooooo.... aiyo!

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