Wednesday, July 22, 2009

:: berjersey merah ke old trafford.. eh bukit jalil.. ;) ::

i was on leave yesterday. unplanned.

it all started on sunday. kita salahkan surat khabar. kerana surat khabar mengkhabarkan bahawa perlawanan MU vs Msia akan diadakan semula pada hari isnin, 8.45 pm.

suamiku - hardcore fan MU. agaknya kalau ada exam sejarah MU, confirm dapat 4.0 flat. serius. he missed the saturday match, thanx to working abroad. he arrived in kl late, in fact after the match is over. so, when the oppportunity arises, he definitely gonna wade through, to make sure he is in the stadium, cheering for his team and Msia of course.

it was a brief discussion between him and me in the car, late sunday night after giving a ride to my lil bro in law back to college. he really wanted to bring me there and watch the match with him.

he got the tix on monday, during lunch hour, and there we go. set off to the match. took the lrt, instead of driving and arrived in BJ just in time.

it was a so-so game in my opinion. but according to my friends, the second match is far better than the first.

i didn't enjoy any minute of the first half, thanks to the smokers around me. heylo, 45 minute with a max of 5 mins smoking free, i'm sure i've inhale enough nicotine that night. lepas first half, we got the opportunity to switch place, and alhamdulillah it gets better, both surrounding and match. not much of good tries, perhaps due to players arrangement by both team. MU was with their second best while Msia was with their first team during the first half, and vice versa on the second half. not much of a balance there.

good tries from msia only came in during the last 3-4 mins of the match. sedey. but i applaud Msia's goalkeeper. he has done a beautiful job that night. he didn't crack under pressure and i believe he has good future ahead him. insya Allah.

we left the game just in time before the finishing whistle blew off to ctach the first train back to KL. arrived home at midnight (macam cinderella plak, tapi versi pakai jersey merah. serius aku rasa menyerlah gila malam tuh) gather both afiq and adib at mom's place and head home. makan², mandi² and solat, lepas tuh terus doze off. serius pagi esok tuh mata wa talak boleh buka. terus OH ngan i ber'mesyuwarah' dan mengumumkan hari selasa tuh adalah public hols untuk kami. haha. kunun² nak sambung tido after subuh, but afiq and adib decided that the day has started, dragging both of half awake us out. adeh.

tuesday was spent with dear boys at Kidz-Sport in OU. puas diorang main. it has been a while sinve the last time i brought them to the gym. malam siap.. mengigau². :D

okay la kengkawan. take good care. salam.


hailmi said...

wah,hebat la..siap g tgk game MU..nnt klu ada chance,nak bw Reza gak la hihihi..

aishah zaharin said...

emi - dia mmg hardcore fan. kalau peksa sejarah MU confirm 4.0 flat.

yatie chomeyl said...

okeh jeles2x..i nak tgk gak sob sob