Friday, July 24, 2009

:: HEAVYWEIGHT lunch ::

had a great lunch today, with fellow 'lunch team members' - the 4A's and a J. ;p

treating ourselves, (lebih kepada duit gaji dah masuk. it's berhoye² time), we head to Chili's MV.

it was a scrumptious lunch, and the service has improved A LOT since my last visit there. the waiter/resses are super friendly. able to give good suggestion and we just simply enjoy our meal (over the juicy gossips as well). two of the A's had the simple Old Timer burger, the other A who shared the same name with me had Chicken Crispers, the sweet J had firecracker fish (i find it LOVELY! akan masuk ke dalam senarai makanan yang boleh diorder selepas ini) while me, i had lamb shoulder. BUT I GULP A BIG GLASS OF LEMONADE, kunun² kasi pecah lemak² yang ku makan. ahaks!

managed to grab some books for my boys as well. alhamdulillah, the early introduction to books has somehow rather bring some good effects on the kids. btw, nak jugak tulis di sini, kalau sesiapa ada jumpa buku 'Nabil dan Puteri Nutrisi', hope you guys can purchase a copy. it's written by a my friend's wife who has a big passion in writing.

will be heading to IKEA afterwards to get some book shelf. we're in need of book shelf since 4 years ago!! i just can't stand the piles of boxes that are full of books and stuffs. (when i say stuffs, i actually don't know how to classify them)

sudah mula berfikir apa hendak dimasak weekend ini. it has been a while since i last think of what to cook, as OH was not around. err, nanti discuss dengan OH la apa mende dia nak makan. and i'll just cook. i just hope that he don't come up with the answer,"please surprise me." mau aku masak maggi jek nanti. :D

btw, i have finished reading 'PS I Love You' by Cecelia Atherns (yeah sudah agak ketinggalan, kerana selama ini saya terlalu obsess dengan Sophie Kinsella) and not forgetting the latest Sophie's collection, 'Twenties Girl'. insya Allah, i'll put up my review for you guys yeah. (unless there're request not putting any sebab akan kill the thrill and adrenaline to read)

okay ye. sekian entry untuk hari ini.

(agak², OH nak ke beli apa² untuk cinta hati dia hari nih?) :P


~ shac ~ said...

surprisingly, I had finished reading the PS I Love You last week. And may I say, it's completely a twist compare to the movie version. But if you ask me, I surely say, I love the movie version better; because of the storyline obviously~

raja noraini said...

Wah... nice lunch, eh? I think you all miss 1 more member from POP.

aishah zaharin said...

kak raja, POP tuh apa?

raja noraini said...

POP = Persatuan Orang Pencen

DoOrDie said...

Ps I love u...i lagi feel baca dr muvee....muvee dia terasa la sumtime u tend to feel books lagi detail...n sure u can imagine so clear whats the couple is doing fr one chapter to another. so bila tgk muvee dan tak nampak mende2 tu...kinda dissapointed sket.

I laughed, i cried and feel loved when i read it.

aishah zaharin said...

ps i love u the novel - a mixture of happiness + sadness.. semua blend well. nicely compose, but i'd prefer if the ending is more dramatic (typical drama queen)