Friday, July 10, 2009

:: shallow! ::

tired. lethargic. exhausted. assimilated with loneliness. excellent recipe to depression.

the feeling of 'giving up' hits the piano keys once in a while. but the blow of saxophone on the other room wakes me up.

does he feel the same?

updating and reading status in fb - am addicted. but there's one simple comment that i take really seriously. what with suggesting your OH looking for a brand new wife when abroad. nak jek aku lempang², terajang² orang nih. ko hengat semua bini suka kena tinggal? ko hengat, senang kena tinggal? sorry, aku tanak lempang. aku tanak terajang. aku nak tripped him off masa tengah jalan depan orang ramai. pastu aku leh gelak guling².

heylo!! lelaki².. is that the only thing in your mind? what a shame. shallow!


yatie chomeyl said...

thats exactly the same words yg I pernah dpt before kena tinggal dgn hubby last year. yang cakap tu lelaki gak..choiiii sgt mulut sedangkan my hubby x pernah mention anyhting like that pon..choiii choii jantan2 cam tu kan?

aishah zaharin said...

too shallow to me la yatie. serious!

bikin hati panas jek pepagi buta nih

Jue Fauzi said...

those ppl are pest aishah.just ignore them or throw rocks at them ;)