Monday, July 20, 2009

:: he's back ::

OH is back for 3 weeks, before he'll fly off again.

had a nice weekend and day out, with the boys of course. hit ikea to survey the very much needed book cabinet. the so called study room really needs some make over. nak post up gambar pun segan hokays!

anyway, brought the boys to LRT station for them to enjoy their first 'train' ride experience. they enjoy it so much. adib dok sebut woo-woo. (bunyi train). haha. and seperti dijangka, tamau turun. :P

will update the food blog later. cooked my so called famous tomyam (self confessed), steamed fish and terung berlada. yummy you! haha.

owh, terlupa plak nak buat dedication..

to my dear OH,

thanx so much for the piece from sophie kinsella. (members - jangan jeles ye, hard cover gitu!) :p bila la nak dpt free time to read that kan?? (i love the feeling of touching new crispy books)



~ shac ~ said...

worth it x ikea nye sale?

aishah zaharin said...

tak dapat nak round sangat. boys mengamuk. but at a glance, macam ok