Thursday, July 16, 2009

:: a week of no entry ::

almost a week without an entry, is so not me. ;p blogger tegar la katakan. but i really didn't have anytime to spare to scribble a word or two (well, i did yesterday, but this bl**dy wireless broadband tetiba disconnected - which i tak perasan, and i lost my entry. dang!)

where've i been? u may ask. no where exactly, just have been busy (a little) with work and my boys. alhamdulillah, 3 weeks without OH has been okay (though not A okay all the time. ada gak masa i K.O) adalah sekali sekala adib mengigau panggil daddy. but all in all, their 'rindu-ness' to their daddy are manageable, tho when we skyped, the kidos will start to kiss their daddy on the screen.

work has become a little bit interesting lately, with new challenges being thrown to the team. a group of 4 'beginner modellers' are requested to produce a flood risk map within 6 months time frame - which involves the very much hated area of engineering - hydrology and the complicated math equations of hydraulics. (ngeri pikir sasaran kerja tahun nih. mampukah?) so, jangan ingat keja gomen nih senang yek kawan2. we too have our fair share of hectic schedule and headaches.

anyway, blogging bout work, can never be interesting. don't u think? ngee.

owh, on the other note, i notice it has been at least a month since i last update my so called food blog. yeah, dapur rumah agak kurang berjerebu sebab ketiadaan food tester di rumah aka OH. i only cook simple, extremely simple food, and that is mainly for my kids. me? tak de appetite langsung nak makan, and as a result, i lost quite a significant nos of kg within a period of 5-6 weeks. kinda feel good, but worried at the same time. am i sick or what?

OH will be back in 2 days time, and has requested me to cook MALAY food. and setelah otak ini agak lama berkarat memikirkan menu, saya ingin memohon jasa baik tuan/[uan untuk mengemukakan sebarang cadangan menu yang boleh saya sediakan untuk suami tercinta pada hari sabtu ini. ;p

okay la readers. mata dah ngantuk sbnrnya tapi susah gila nak lelap. anak teruna 2 orang tuh dah selamat tido dr maghrib lagi tadi. boring pulak rasa bila afiq n adib dah tido.

take care all. good nite. muahs!

ps - ayin, i myself is no different from u. hardly spend quality time on sejadah especially subuh. has always been in a rush. have to improve myself on that.


ayin1911 said...

hey..u r back..
kangenn... :)

yatie chomeyl said...

nasi ayam kira makanan mekayu tak? simple to cook yet too delicious to resist ;)

aishah zaharin said...

ayin - hehe.

yatie - hmm. betul gak kan?

saudah said...

hm..lontong pun ok..tambah ngan rendang..sedapnya n simple jugak la kan? sebabnya odah guna short cut je masak dedua ni ;)

salhana said...

apa yg dia paling suke bila ko masak? that's the answer!

aishah zaharin said...

odah - tq for the idea

sal - tak membantu hokay!