Thursday, July 9, 2009

:: tentang hidup ::

woke up early in the morning. glanced at the watch, have ample time for good long hot shower before subuh. the smell of juicy peach bath gel, filled up the small cubicle room. water dropped like rain, showering from head to toe, washing away all the tiredness, leaving the body fresh and awake.

stepped up from the room, put on fresh t's and comfy lazy pants. 'telekung' came next, and there i sat, zikr while waiting for subuh.

azn took place. the voice is so clear and makes the air feel beautiful and peace.

"Allahuakbar". his voice, not trembling, but precise and clear. takbir. jemaah together. beautiful feeling.

every steps are done faithfully and carefully.

"may we be granted with nothing but the best here and thereafter world. amin"

kissed his hand, and a reply of a kiss in forehead. a routine of us, ever since he said, "aku terima nikahnya."

the boys are still asleep. ran down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. he's off to work in few mins time. boiled the water, toast the bread. pans on stove, eggs turned to fluffy omelette. aroma of coffee filled up the air.

spread the butter and his favourite strawberry conserve. it is a simple breakfast, but prepared with affection and love.

"have a good day at work"

"take good care, you and boys"

of salam, and forehead kiss, he's off to work..

PANG. lempang satu.

mimpi. khayal. impian. dang!

life nowadays kalau jadi macam tuh are too good to be true.

solat subuh dalam keadaan tergesa-gesa. mengejar nikmat dunia. apa kes bekalan mati? takut rasa.

never once in 6 years of marriage, that we could sit together, calmly having breakfast prepared by me together at home before heading off to work. how nice life would be, if that could be a routine? but thinking about it, does SAHM get the chance to do so? or is it the lifestyle that we get ourselves into won't permit this to take place?

syukur, we still got the chance to jemaah when he's still around. seems simple how 5-10 mins of solat jemaah can build the nation. the one way that would crack both hubby and wife's ego, no matter how they quarrel mins before.

never forget the simple 'salam and forehead kiss'.. for that simple, little things that makes the heart grows fonder when aborad.

agaknya la, sampai bila kita nih nak terkejar²kan dunia? sedangkan setiap masa, setiap saat kita diperhati and when the times come, kita akan kena audit?

ps : aku dalam mode rindu. sambil mentarbiyyahkan diri. sambil terkenang my chats with BFF sal. (ye, hoye, hoye jugak, tapi bab agama jangan dipandang enteng!)


echan said...

nak menitik air mata baca. tetiba teringat hubby. dah lama tak jemaah pagi. tsk..

salhana said...

aku paling suka part lempang tuh.gila aku tgh syok2 menjiwai watak drama swasta ko nih tetiba je ada adegan 18SG haha

aishah zaharin said...

echan - tgh dalam mode rindu. kengkadang terpk, tido leh lak jemaah, tapi solat?

sal - haha. ok pe?

ayin1911 said...

nice one..
saye suke bab lempeng..
tetibe cam bole tr-imagine gitu.

suke bile ingat mengingati ni..
kadang2 fitrah manusia itu selalu lupe..
suke banget entry kamu..

mast@work said...

saya bersyukur sebab saya selalu dapat bfast dgn harris hari2.. kat ofis, makan tengahari pun sekali.. kami langsung tak jemu, orang opis yang jemu tgk kami.. cam belangkas!! hahahahahaha

aishah zaharin said...

yin - lempang? hehe. sekali skala buat entry cam nih.

mast - U.J.G.N.J.E.L.E.S.K.A.N.I! EEEE.. GERAM TAU! :D