Friday, November 28, 2008

:: lunch kat ikea.. ::

hari ni hari jumaat.. hari yang best.. hehe..

had my lunch @ ikea's food court today, enjoying the meatballs, creme caramel and daim's cake.. luvly.. my craving is blooming, and WAJAR dilayan occay! sbb nak confinement pun tak lama lagi.. thanx to azimah for driving me and company there.. thank you!!!! hihi..

today marks my 37 weeks of pregnancy.. 3 weeks to go, and insya Allah the baby will be kicking in the air.. i'll be having my A&C next wednesday, and we'll see how does it progress from there.. the baby still tak engage lagi.. the head is not locked yet.. so kena la tgk la macamana..

another big thing.. we'll be welcoming the new arrival to the family today.. new ride.. yeay!!!! so excited.. :D

okayla all.. tu jek nak hapdet ari nih.. rindu pulak rasa kat budak kecik 2 org tuh.. smalam afiq tunggu mommy dia balik kat luar umah kul 8.30mlm.. mengamuk agaknya marah napa mommy tak sampai umah lagik.. sian dia..

take care.. bye..

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