Thursday, June 19, 2008

:: adib demam ::

i was on leave yesterday, and only manage to update my friendster blog.. adib tgh demam, kesian dia.. he was very clingy yesterday.. agaknya badan tak selesa.. by night he was ok, but then this morning badan dia panas balik.. feel so bad to leave him behind, since i know he needs me so much, but my instinct says i need to be in the office, and i believe adib is in good hand.. i believe adib is strong that he could actually face the uncomfortable feelings that he has inside..

i'll be having my A&C this evening.. hopefully, everything is fine..

a virtual friend has asked me about my promises on tips to take care of twins.. i need to recall back my early days experiences, and insya Allah will try to write it in a proper manner, so that it could be easily understood.. mana la tau ada lagi among my friends yang akan dpt twin.. :D

okay la all.. i'm blogging off.. take care.. zai jian!


mast@work said...

crossing my fingers.. hahaha.. senang dah terus dapat dua.. xyah beranak 2 kali.. ooOOoo..

aishah zaharin said...

hehe.. enjin dah overhaul.. gitu lerr gamakanya..