Monday, June 2, 2008

:: advise please! ::

hai readers.. am back in office after a busy weekend.. full of wedding invitations..

yesterday, we went back to my late grandma's house in n9.. and only then i realize that it has been a while since i last balik kampung with the boys.. afiq and adib were so curious with their new surroundings, that afiq was so quiet, even we can hardly hear his voice.. adib on the other was enjoying the nature beauty of kampung that he laughed and screamed when he watched the lil' boys main buai near my grandmom's house..

when we returned home, and are ready to retire the evening, afiq screamed his lung out.. he cried and cried that he was unconsolable.. i was too tired to pick him up.. hubby had to take over the role and cuddled him to sleep.. he woke up again at around 4.50am, and needed to be cradled and rocked gently in my arms before he was asleep again, only to find him wide awake at around 6.30am when we are about to perform our subuh prayers.. aiyakk.. outcome :- mommy and daddy feel very dizzy!

i desperately need some advise on how to return afiq to his normal sleeping habits.. he was a good sleeper, normally.. he hardly woke up in the wee hours.. but for the past one month, this has been his habit.. is he experiencing spearation anxiety, or having disturbance from things that i can't see? i don't know.. anyone, advice please?

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mast@work said...

lor.. kesian akak.. dia x sedap badan ke?? atau mungkin perut dia x penuh.. sebab tu asyik terbangun.. haritu aiman pun asyik terbangun.. sebab badan dia panas.. so, kami bagi dia banyak minum air masak.. dia x selesa la tu kut?