Thursday, June 26, 2008

:: afiq fractured his bone.. ::

it's indeed a tiring day for me.. i woke up at 6.30am, just to feel to feel that i've just closed my eyes.. it has been a tiring week for me.. last week, adib was down with fever, before the rashes appear.. and suddenly, on monday, afiq fell of from his mattress, and only a day later, we discovered that he has fractured his left clavicle with displacement, and the x-ray reveals that there's slight overlapping of bone fragment..

we didn't know how does it took place.. nobody was around.. i was in the office, so do the grandmom.. the maid claims that afiq was asleep, and she left her for a while to fetch a drink, which is just metres away from afiq.. only to hear afiq creaming, and when he started to cry, he didn't stop until evening.. atuk brought him to the clinic, and the dr said that dia kembung.. which is true, because he has been crying all day long.. i came back in the evening, just to find him crying while bathing, (which is rare as afiq loves water).. i picked him up, cuddled him and soothed him till he stopped crying.. but then, when i put him back on the mattress, to put on his diapers and cloth, he started to cry again.. at that time, mommy's instint kick in.. there must be something wrong.. i started to look for any signs.. nothing that i could find, until i pulled him up, and were about to pick him up, when the crackled sound makes his appearance.. now, i know, he must have been in pain.. i believ it was at his bahu towards his upper back area.. i called my thoughtful mak bidan, and she came over after maghrib to massage afiq.. afiq got much more better, and by then, he could lift up his hand again.. that night he slept pretty well..

the very next day, i went to th office as usual, as i was scheduled to have my management meeting that day.. when i came back, my mom told me that afiq seems to be unable to crawl.. when my in laws dropped by, papa told me that he could feel that the collar bone is moving.. i started to think of the worst.. called a friend of mine, who is a dr by profession, she advised me to bring afiq for a check up..

and today, the x-ray reveals that afiq has fractured his bone.. pity afiq.. he's indeed too small to bear that kind of pain.. but i believe both my sons are strong.. and i hope it will make them grow stronger and wiser.. i don't deny that pain is part of the process of learning, but i still feel guilty for not being able to take care of afiq and adib fully.. i'm mad with my maid.. but at the moment, i can't disposed her, as i'm in my second trimester.. i need some help to run house chores, etc..

on the other hand.. i pity my mom too.. she lost her appetite when she look at afiq's condition.. she helped me out through the nights, looking after the boys, while still attending her responsibilities as a niece.. my mom's aunty is in ICU, hospital besar seremban, fighting for her life, after a heart attack yesterday evening.. we were informed that she's now on machine.. my mom's aunt is the one who have lend her a shelter when she started working in KL.. my doa for her and family to be strong to face Allah's challenges.. and i hope Allah will grant what is best for her.. amin..

it's pretty long for today.. thanx for reading.. zai jian!

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