Wednesday, June 11, 2008


hye all.. i've told you in the last two entries that my sis in law is experiencing miscarriage.. guess what, after a check by 4 (if i tak salah kira) different doctors, the last dr kata the embryo is still there and ALIVE!!!!!! but the heartbeat is weak, and she has to be warded to minimize movement, etc.. ALHAMDULILLAH.. praises to Allah! i remember telling her the story of a friend of mine whom i got to know via fs.. she was supposed to undergo D&C, but after a week or so of postponement, the embryo is alive! and now, the embryo has grown up to sucha handsome boy, 2 years of age.. i hope my sis in law and the embryo will make it.. amin..

hm.. what else to share.. this weekend activity skali lagi penuh (i don't know when will we have free, leaisure time at home).. on saturday, we have a twin support meeting at DFC, discussing the topic of food allergies, and sunday, we have a birthday party invitation to fulfill in gymboree, bangsar village.. hafta find some time to look out for pressie.. i don't know when will hubby have his free time.. he's so occupied with work, that he had to bring work home, and woke up in the middle of the night to do jobs.. boring.. boring..

i believed that i've passed my first trimester week.. (am not really sure of how old is my gestational age).. alhamdulillah, the nausea and morning sickness is not as bad as my first one.. it sometimes pay me a visit, tapi takde la sampai tak boleh bau nasik.. but this time round, my appetite is not so good.. paling susah nak masuk nasi with masak lemak cili api.. what i could eat is normally - laksa, tomyam, mee hoon soup, roti canai, breads, pasta, pizza.. name anything other than rice.. i just hope that what i eat still ada nutritional value for the baby inside..

afiq and adib nowadays are so active.. yesterday the maids complain.. they both tak tido the whole day, playing around.. as a result, the atuk who came hoome for lunch needs to get the dishes on his own.. hehe.. sian.. on their last medical check up, adib now weigh 9.0 kg while afiq 7.5kg.. u might wonder why afiq ngan adib beza sangat.. what i could say is, it is not that i bagi makan kat adib saja.. perhaps, afiq's metabolisme is too high.. i don' know..

kay all.. will stop here now.. i have been thinking of baking something.. any ideas??


mast@work said...

wah, dah selesai first trimester.. alhamdulillah, tahniah utk ur sil.

adib lagi besar dari afiq ye.. aiman pun dah lama x timbang.. hehe..

bake cupcakes la akak... nyum nyum.. tak pun baked macaroni.. wowwieeee.. lama tak makan

aishah zaharin said...

mas, sad to inform that after her battle, my sil lost her baby.. she went thru d&c semalam.. kesian sgt..

as of baking - ari tuh buat dah cupcakes.. akak buat lemon cupcakes, choccy, vanilla, orange, ntah apa flavour lagik ntah.. one batter few flavours.. paling sedap - lemon and orange.. serius.. try la.. guna basic mix untuk vanilla, substitute vanilla with lemon n orange.. pastuh tabur zest kat atas dia.. yummy!

mast@work said...

nyum2.. tak leh buat lagi la.. kat sini mas tak beli oven lagi.. btw.. nak beli oven camne ye?? oven biasa2 tu boleh ke??